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Elixir and Erlang Meetup

Time18:30:00 Phone
DateTuesday, March 28, 2017 Web
VenueZendesk Dublin Office Email

                                               The BEAM is back



Hello BEAMers,


After a short hiatus, with the sunshine and (relative) warmth, your favourite Elixir and Erlang meetup returns!


Main Talk


First up, we'll have Mustafa Turan from Zendesk sharing ideas about Railway Oriented Programming:


Coding seems cool without error checks, does not it? When if/else checks effect the next execution behaviours, then the code becomes a mess. Luckily, there is a pattern called ‘Railway Oriented Programming' for error handling. It simply helps you to focus on the happy path with SOLID principles like single responsibility; while errors follow the failure pipe. Elixir language has ‘pattern matching on function level' and ‘pipelining' to apply ‘Railway Oriented Programming' pattern.


Lightning Talks


From Rails to Phoenix - Kevin Fagan recently migrated his personal project to Phoenix. He's going to share the reasons as well as his journey on it.


Ex_stub, mocking things with Elixir - Omar Abdelhafith introduces us to ex_stub, a new Elixir stubbing package.


Fair warning - this is a no-pizza event, there will be falafels and/or sandwiches on the night.




Information & Registration


tcube_200_x_100.gifDATE & TIME: 28th March 2017 / 18:30

VENUE:  Zendesk Dublin Office, 1 Grand Parade, Ranelagh, Dublin 6




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