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Why Stop Optimising?

Time09:30:00 Phone01 542 4154
DateTuesday, March 31, 2009
VenuePA, 57-61 Lansdowne Rd, Dublin

The IIA and ICAN are running a half day advanced Search Engine Optimisaiton and Marketing (SEO/SEM) course.

This course is aimed at site owners, developers and marketers who have achieved some level of search engine visibility. The course will investigate how to retain that visibility and improve on it using trusted and transparent methods.

Course Outline
This seminar will cover in detail crucial steps for maintaining and improving search engine visibility through Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Search including:

  • Benchmarking current search engine visibility: We will look at best methods of benchmarking both organic and paid search visibility in Irish and global search engines.
  • Assessing competitor strategy: Together with investigating ranking we shall discuss the importance of competitor analysis and best practice methods for assessing strategy and spend
  • Reviewing code and site optimisation: This will involve basic code optimisation from "title" tags and meta data to robot text files. A specialized search developer will also be on hand to discuss more complex issues.
  • Optimisation of URLs: Using keyword research methods we will review existing optimized urls within the search engines while also determining the benefits of this technique
  • Monitoring SEO news and updates: As Search is a constantly changing environment it is essential to keep up to date with algorithm changes and indexing dates. We will show you some of the best sites to use and monitor.
  • Developing Social Media Strategy & Online PR: We will look at the various social media opportunities and discuss how to identify the best strategy for your business
  • Link Building: While somewhat of a tiresome this is of huge importance. We will look at the best means of obtaining trusted links and building link relationships.
  • Creating an ongoing strategy: As this is very much a site specific area we will be using an onsite example.

Course Benefits

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand search engine ranking
  • Assess your search engine visibility
  • Assess competitions strategies online
  • Identify basic code issues for search engines
  • Access latest search engines news
  • Create an effective social media strategy
  • Create an effective link building strategy
  • Create an ongoing search strategy

We will provide questionnaires to attendees in advance of this seminar asking about current Search activity, their own websites and any issues they have previously encountered in Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing (SEO/SEM). This will facilitate us reviewing sites and campaigns online during the course.
Who Should Attend?

This course caters for anyone interested in online marketing or building online branding. Attendees should have a good basic understanding of the search engine environment. The course may also be of interest to brand managers and marketing managers. Alternatively, you may have your own website and simply be interested in driving more customers to your website.
Your Trainer

About the Speakers

Ms. Caragh McKenna (Head of Search Marketing)
ICAN Internet Advertising

Caragh McKenna has over nine years experience in Search Marketing working on both Paid Search and Search Engine Optimsation campaigns. She has conceived and implemented campaigns for several major Irish, UK and multi-national companies including Guinness, Vhi, Paddy Power, eircom and

Caragh has been involved in Search training for six years and regularly speaks at Search conferences in the UK and Ireland.

She is currently Head of Search Marketing at ICAN. Her role in ICAN involves overseeing organic and paid search campaigns and integrating search marketing with the other online advertising services that ICAN supply to their clients.

Caragh holds a BA and is a qualified Microsoft Certified Professional; she has also completed Google University.


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