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Facebook Developer Garage Ireland

Time16:30:33 Phone
DateThursday, March 05, 2009
VenueDigital Exchange, Dublin


Facebook in Ireland is exploding in popularity; 400k+ users at last count. But it’s not just the number of punters that is growing, so too is the development community.


Facebook Developer Garage Ireland

Brought to you by Web2Ireland, we are genuinely excited therefore to announce Ireland’s first Facebook Developer Garage, on March 5th in the Digital Exchange in Dublin.



The Garages are just like they sound – a place to explore, get gritty, tinker, experiment, and test out ideas for Facebook Platform. 



See the London site to get an idea of what they are all about.



API Wars and Opportunities


If that’s not enough for you, Web2Ireland also want to use Facebook Garage as an opportunity for the Irish FB developer community to network and learn from each other. So as a primer for the main event, they are also hosting a mini-workshop on API Wars and Opportunities immediately beforehand.



Many entrepreneurs and startups are building their business on the "shoulder of giants" by using their APIs and this mini-event/workshop is an opportunity for the Web2Ireland community to meet and discuss 

  • Using APIs for business development
  • Building mashups/widgets/etc
  • Apps on mobile platforms - iPhone, Android, nokia, etc
  • Using enterprise 2.0 platforms -, IBM, etc
  • Developer infrastructure - Amazon, Google App Engine



This is a completely free event. Sign up through Facebook Garage Ireland


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