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Time09:00:46 Phone
DateThursday, April 02, 2009 Web
VenueUniversity of Ulster, Derry Email


Imagine-Create 2009 is a three-day festival (2 - 4 April) which will focus on the creative applications of technology; specifically in the areas of audio, image, games design, web media and digital interactivity.


The festival will be organised by the University of Ulster's School of Creative Arts at Magee, in partnership with the School of Computing & Intelligent Systems and with other regional partners including Derry City Council, Skillset Media Academy, North West Regional College, Nerve Centre and the Void Gallery, and will take place at various venues around the city.



The event will be aimed at audiences from a range of backgrounds, including businesses engaged in the creative industries and future creative professionals in the shape of students from secondary and tertiary education. It will feature strands relating to specific applications* and subjects in parallel with more general discussions relating to current trends in the creative industries.


See Website for Full Details -



Guest speakers confirmed so far:


Greg Maguire - Lucasfilm
Craig Mullins - Concept Artist
Phil Campbell - Creative Director & Design Consultant
Virgil Moorefield - Intermedia artist & author The Producer as Composer
Scanner - Exploratory artist and musician
Steve Dixon - Author Digital Performance
Gregory Taylor - Education R&D, Cycling ‘74
James Foster - Art Director: Quantum of Solace, The Golden Compass, Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of The Sith
Rachel Anderson - Head of Interaction, Artangel
Rob Bowman - Head of Programmes & Production, Artangel
Ernest Adams - Games Consultant
Adam Singer - Deputy Chairman OFCOM Content Board
Anthony Lilley - Magic lantern


A selection of workshops and demos will run which will address the creative application of the following software packages: Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Ableton Live, Maya, 3DS Max and Animazoo Motion Capture.


In most cases developer approved professionals have been confirmed to lead the instruction.




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