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Localisation un-conference

Time08:47:12 Phone
DateThursday, May 21, 2009 Web
VenueDublin Email


A What?


A localisation un-conference. You know how great it is when you go to a localization conference and you connect with a colleague between sessions? A great conversation about some shared issue and some solutions relevant to your internationalization and localization life.



Now, that experience can be the conference. No stuffy general sessions or arcane topics. No audience reading e-mail during presentations. No terrible suits. No buses to social events. And no PowerPoint karaoke.



Instead, only your internationalization and localization hobbyhorses hosted in a discussion format between you and your peers. Like, for example, social networking site translation, mashup internationalization, vendors, hiring, quality, open source tools, Unicode, pseudo-translation, mobile technology, global privacy or legal issues, Klingon language specialists.....



This is your chance to talk about the localisation stuff that really matters to you,.The programme is created collaboratively by the participants, as we go along, and the final agenda will be set on the day -  no death-by-powerpoint!



So come along on May 21st, and get to shape according to your interests.




To register your interest, for the this free event visit