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Dynamic Infrastructure Conference

Time09:00:13 Phone
DateWednesday, May 20, 2009 Web
VenueRKH, Dublin Email


The ICT Infrastructure in Any Enterprise is the Cornerstone of Success Ireland has experienced some of the most turbulent economic conditions of any country and every organisation needs to ensure that infrastructure is as cost-effective and flexible as possible to meet the changing demands of business.



IDC's Dynamic Infrastructure Conference will explore technology transitions that offer fundamental benefits to performance, scalability and cost reduction in IT and communications architectures.



The agenda will examine the hottest topics, including:


* How organisations can successfully manage a virtualised infrastructure and ensure that the promise of virtualisation becomes a reality.
* How to ensure that the infrastructure is environmentally and socially sustainable.
* How to take advantage of computing models such as cloud and software as a service to reduce costs and increase flexibility.
* How improving networking and communications infrastructure can help organisations to achieve their business and sustainability goals.
* How to contain costs and ensure reliability and continuity of ICT and business operations.



The conference will enable end users to make knowledgeable decisions about how to develop a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure, and will include end-user case studies and presentations from leading vendors and IDC analysts.



Who Should Attend

IDC's Dynamic Infrastructure Conference is designed for senior IT decision makers seeking practical tools and strategies to transform their infrastructure to meet the needs of the changing business climate.



Typically, IDC's Dynamic Infrastructure Conference is attended by:

* Heads of IT
* IT directors
* IT managers
* Infrastructure architects
* Datacentre managers
* CIOs, COOs



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