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Time17:00:50 Phone
DateSaturday, June 06, 2009 Web
VenueGinger Man, Fenian St, Dublin 2 Email events have been running all over the world for over a year now, where developers and users of the Dojo Ajax Toolkit meet up, usually with a presentation or two from Dojo committers.



Announcing the event in Dublin on June 6th, in the Ginger Man on Fenian St. with Dylan Schiemann, the co-founder of Dojo and CEO of SitePen, presenting on all things Dojo / Ajax / Web2.0.



Shane O'Sullivan wiIl also be doing a presentation on some of the cooler things you can do with Dojo, and might even show you how to do them!



So, if you're interested in the Dojo toolkit, or Ajax / Web 2.0 technologies in general, come along and knock back some beers with us.



Duration: between 1 and 2 hours, but beers long after the official event is finished, so stay as long as you like!


Cost: Free! As with all things Open Source, the event is free entry.




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