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Softtest Automated Testing in Agile

Time08:00:31 Phone
DateThursday, October 01, 2009 Web
VenueHoliday Inn, Pearse Street, Dublin

Agile - Automated Testing and Development in an Agile Environment




Session 1: Sebastien Lambla - "In the life of a lean feature"

In this session Sebastien will talk of his experiences in development of a ‘Lean Feature' within an Agile Development Environment from its conception through to its development and testing.

Sebastien Lambla is a developer passionate about all things Agile. Through years of facilitating the move to agility, be it Scrum, Lean or XP, Sebastien has helped teams deliver better software. A seasoned speaker, Sebastien also delivers training sessions in Europe, and organizes the local events in London, a community focused on self-improvement.


A developer at heart, Sebastien has created Caffeine IT, a consulting and contracting company specializing in Microsoft technologies. From REST architectures to rich disconnected clients, Caffeine IT has been helping companies develop their products and empower their teams, with a focus on quality. Caffeine IT is also the main sponsor of the open-source OpenRasta REST framework for Microsoft platforms.



Session 2: Ken Brennock - "Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools"

This presentation will discuss automation throughout the agile development lifecycle (for both development and test activities). The type of automation that should be in place as part of your move to an Agile process. For the test activities we will discuss functional and non-functional test tools and implications of implementing them.

The presenter will also discuss his hands-on experience of implementing tools for automation on Agile projects.

Attendees will gain a practitioner's perspective on what tools worked well and not so well, issues to be avoided and lessons learned for automation on Agile projects.


Ken Brennock's experience spans over 18 years, and he has worked in many companies in that time, both large multinationals and small indigenous companies, including Motorola, Iona, Accuris and Macalla Software. He has been involved in testing his entire career, including hardware and software.

He has set-up and managed a number of test teams and developed test processes for a number of companies. Ken is an ISEB accredited trainer and develops and presents a number of testing courses. He has worked extensively with Agile and also other approaches/methods using ISO and CMM, Waterfall and RUP.



Cost: No Charge to attend this event (Tea & Coffee provided on arrival)


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