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Java Symposium - Save $200 IRISHDEV

Time09:00:26 Phone
DateTuesday, October 27, 2009 Web
VenuePrague Email


Buy Your Ticket Today and Save $200 Using Booking Code IRISHDEV


The move of open source software into the mainstream has given way to an explosion of frameworks, tools, and application servers that define the state of the art in Java software development. This, coupled with the current global economic conditions, necessitate fast and inexpensive projects that pay off quickly, and that's exactly why we've designed this year's conference to focus on how this new wave of architectures, frameworks, and tools are helping to solve today's toughest development problems.



If you're primarily focused on design, architecture, and coding and facing some tough challenges regarding customized coding solutions. Or struggling with distributed Web application and application integration hurdles. Or facing application performance or scalability roadblocks - not to mention requirements gathering issues or testing and QA headaches - TheServerSide Java Symposium is guaranteed to be the most practical and rewarding 2 days that you'll spend out of the office this year...or your money back.



Created by, the Web's largest independent enterprise Java community, TheServerSide Java Symposium is jam-packed with 2 full days of technical knowledge and definitive real-world solutions delivered by today's most respected experts. And this year we've designed specific sessions that fall under 4 focused tracks to address exactly how you can accelerate your organization's projects for the next 6-18 months:


  • Frameworks - Easing Development Pains
  • Architectures - Starting Off Right
  • Languages - The Right Tool for the Job
  • Tools and Techniques - Getting the Job Done


See speakers like Eugene Ciurana who spoke at this year Irish Software Show, epicenter 2009



For more information, visit


Use Booking Code ( IRISHDEV ) to Receive €200 off the ticket price.



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