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Greenhouse Business Camp

Time09:00:34 Phone
DateSunday, October 11, 2009 Web
VenueLimerick Email

Greenhouse Business Camp


What is Greenhouse Business Camp about?

The Greenhouse Business Camp is an free "unconference" for people who are self-employed, starting their own business or thinking about starting their own business. The current economic circumstances have clearly indicated that there is no such thing as a "job for life". Even the biggest of companies are failing, the financial institutions are in tatters and the public sector is facing mass redundancies. The result of this is that for a lot of people there is only one logical course of action: to start their own business. Once again the SME sector proves to be the backbone of the economy.


Of course there are a lot of pitfalls & unknowns to starting your own business. Besides the financial risks there are legal & fiscal issues. How & where do you find customers? What is the best way to market your product or service? Who can help me and how do you approach them?


Greenhouse Business Camp will provide you with answers to all these questions and more. Not through boring talks and Life-coaching sessions but by meeting and talking to people who have gone through the process of setting up a business (some several times even). All this will take place in an informal setting. No long droning lectures, no ties & suits, just lots of good relevant information and helpful people.



What happens at Business Camp

During Greenhouse Business Camp there will be a number of presentations and talks from experts in areas related to starting, promoting and running a business. These people will come from all areas of commerce and have proven their worth. You can wander in and out of these talks & meetings as you please. At the same time there will be a number of so-called "break-out" rooms where people can sit down for impromptu discussions and talks on interesting subject.Lastly there will be stands from relevant bodies and companies there who will give you advice and assistance free of charge.


Who benefits from Greenhouse Business Camp

In one word: YOU. This event is all about helping you. Finding out about what's involved in starting your own business. Learning how to take the first steps. Meeting the people who can help you. And most off all; learning from others.The Bizcamp Limerick in March 2009 was a hugely successful event which left everyone buzzing with positive energy. Greenhouse Business Camp is a follow up to this and will hopefully be even better.



Where do I sign up?

For more details, visit





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