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epicenter 2010

Time09:00:00 Phone+353 1 443 4131
DateTuesday, June 08, 2010 Web


                    The 2nd Annual Irish Software Show




                                                                an International Conference on 'Yer' Doorstep



Sometimes you have coding issues, no solutions & your coffee machine's empty - epicenter helps two of those problems!




The 2nd annual Irish Software Show, epicenter 2010, is four days of software and IT excellence - it's a conference, it's an expo, it's a place to hang out! It takes place in Trinity College, Dublin between Tuesday 8th and Friday 11th June 2010.



It's for software architects, CTO's, developers and IT professionals of all knowledge and experience levels.



The multi stream format will see approximately 120 sessions on Web, Mobile, Cloud, Java, Microsoft, Open Source, Database, and Operating Platform technologies!



As usual, we have assembled some of the world's most talented technology professionals* to come share their knowledge with you. 



Sign up to the epicenter Newsletter to have regular chances to win tickets for the conference and be notified with up to the minute progress coming soon. In the meantime, take a look at epicenter 2009, and the highly successful Irish Open Source Technologies Conference and the Irish Java Technologies Conference, which formed part of our 2008 series alongside the Irish Microsoft Technologies Conference and the Irish Web Technologies Conference.




Corporates......Engage a substantial audience reaching across the globe. Do it now! Find out how partnering with epicenter 2010 can facilitate a fuller order book! Please email or call +353 (0)1 443 4131 for detailed information.



*Past speakers have included....


from Ireland

Phil Bourke / Tipperary Institute (Microsoft), Jennifer Condon / Enterprise Ireland (Keynote), Mike Creavan / Vodafone (Web), Gary Cullen / Provident CRM (Open Source), Dermot Daly / Tapadoo (Web), Carl Dempsey / (Web), Bob Duffy / Pro-Data (Database), Keith Eccles / Oracle (Database), Niall Flanagan / AIB Capital Markets (Database), Jonathan Forde / Realex Payments (Web), Aidan Gallagher / InishTech (Microsoft), Tim Hodkinson / Liberty-IT (Java), Eoin Hughes / Oracle (Database), Eoin Keary / Ernst & Young (Web), Paul Lynch / Hosting 365 (Web), Andrea Magnorsky (Open Source), Romans Malinovskis / Agile Technologies (Web), Stuart Manning (Microsoft), Mel McIntyre / Open App Ireland (Open Source), John Meere / Avnet Technology Services (Java), Colm Mulcahy / Saaspoint (Keynote), Kevin Noonan (Java & Web), Kevin O'Connor / Hosting 365 (Web), Damian O'Suilleabhain / OS3 (Web), David Rook / Realex Payments (Web), Urban Schrott / ESET (Web), Barry Smyth / ChangingWorlds (Keynote & Web), Ian Sutton / Headway Software (Java), John Wood / iQContent (Web)



from England

Iain Angus / Black Marble (Microsoft), Barry Carr / Ixian Software (Microsoft), Francesco Cesarini / Erlang Consultancy (Open Source), Robin Christopherson / AbilityNet (Web), Simon Cook / Sun Microsystems (Java), Barry Dorrans (Microsoft), Richard Fennell / Black Marble (Microsoft), Robert Hogg / Black Marble (Microsoft), Tony Jewtushenko (Java), Alex Mackey (Microsoft), Stephen McGibbon / Microsoft (Microsoft), Jasper Potts / Sun Microsystems (Java), Jon Skeet / Google (Microsoft), John Smedley / Ingres (Open Source), Anthony Swart / Sun Microsystems (Java).



from the USA

Richard Bair / Sun Microsystems (Java), Eugene Ciurana (Java & Web), Jeff Genender / Savior Technologies (Java & Open Source), Marc Grabanski / MJG International (Web), Charles Nutter (Java)



from Canada

Doug Clarke / Oracle (Java), Shaun Smith / Oracle (Java & Open Source).



from Wales

Bryn Reeves / Red Hat (Open Source)


from Scotland

Andy Gibson / RockStar North (Web), Rob Lally, Craig Murphy (Microsoft)


from Austria

Werner Keil (Java)


from Spain

Marco Amoedo / Alphapeople (Microsoft)


from France

Guillaume Laforge / Go2One (Java),


from Slovakia

Peter Kováč / ESET (Web)


from Iceland

Helgi Thormar Thorbjoernsson / Iceland (Web & Open Source)


from Germany

Jan Lehnardt / CouchDB (Open Source)


(To register a session abstract, or for futher enquiries, please email +353 (0)1 443 4131).


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