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SQS Agile Workshop

Time09:30:00 Phone+353 1 671 7487
DateFriday, November 13, 2009 Web
VenueThe Mount2, Woodstock Link, Belfast

SQS Agile Workshop 

What is it? Are you curious? Implications on Testing? Do you want to know more?


SQS LogoAgile software development practices are now so widespread that they are no longer considered "extreme". However, many
organisations and agile teams still struggle with how to do successful testing on an agile development project.



Join David Evans, Agile Delivery Director at SQS to explore the key principles of agile development with a particular focus on the quality and testing aspects.



During this half day workshop we will illustrate why agile projects present a radical shift from traditional "waterfall" project plans and divisions of labour, and show why this requires a complete rethink of the way software is tested. We explain what it means for a project to be truly "test-driven", where the testers take a "lead" rather than a "lag" role in the development cycle.



Agile Development Book CoverWe will also discuss the need for different testing techniques to provide complementary risk mitigation and test coverage on agile projects, and talk about some of the open-source testing tools popular in agile teams, such as FIT, FitNesse, and xUnit.




Contact Patricia McGuire on +353 1 671 7487 or



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