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The Semantic Web

Time08:00:00 Phone
DateWednesday, November 25, 2009 Web
VenueMH+C Offices, Dublin 4 Email

The Semantic Web

The vision of the Semantic Web is of a "web of linked data" rather than a "web of linked pages".



The Semantic Web is a breakfast seminar which is being organised by the Irish Software Association in association with business law firm Mason Hayes+Curran and the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). It will explore, demystify and explain some of the legal challenges and commercial possibilities of the Semantic Web, the next evolution of the World Wide Web.


Why this seminar?
The Semantic Web is a complex innovation, but it is no longer about research and is more about reality. Anyone using a computer has first hand experience of the necessity to interpret meaning out of what you see. Whether you are using Google to search for an unusual holiday destination or trying to make sense of your customer data, you want information that is more accessible, not an unhelpful list of information sources or multiple documents that you have to trawl through in order to find what you require.



The vision of the Semantic Web is of a "web of linked data" rather than a "web of linked pages". This linked data has yet to be created on a wide scale and will therefore greatly enable the vast amount of content on the World Wide Web to be harnessed and interconnected. Anyone in the business or technology world knows that most information is not very accessible. Research is now coming to fruition thanks to Semantic Web technologies which will access and process data from all areas, exponentially enhancing the value of the information, by making it meaningful.



In Ireland, the 130 plus post doctoral researchers at DERI are right at the heart of this evolving technology and with high profile users of its latest technology to include the US Administration, they are one to watch.



This seminar will examine some of the key issues around Semantic Web technology and will demystify and describe its key components. It will explore the next evolution of this web technology and offer a vision of what might be possible.The seminar will also address the many complex legal issues connected with the Semantic Web and will address the social and commercial challenges the Semantic Web offers.



This is a must attend event for anyone in the technology sector as well as those in business and the public sector who use the World Wide Web to interface with their clients and the customers they serve.


Keynote speakers are:
Chairman's introduction
Sean Baker, Chairman, Irish Software Association


From Research to Reality
Liam O'Morain, Business Development Consultant, DERI

Legal Challenges and Commercial Possibilities
Philip Nolan, Partner and Head of Commercial Department, Mason Hayes+Curran


Time & Date:

Nov 25th 8am-9:45am

Address:Mason Hayes + Curran, South Bank House, Barrow st, D.4



To book a place, please register with Amie Hanley at mailto://




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