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SQL Server Car Crash Queries

Time19:00:53 Phone
DateTuesday, December 08, 2009
VenueImpeial Hotel, Cork Email


SQL Server Car Crash Queries

Simon Sabin



In association with the Cork Microsoft Technology User Group, SQL Server MVP Simon Sabin will present Car Crash Queries on Tuesday 8th December in Cork.



Meet the Speaker

The Evangelist is MVP Simon Sabin who is the director of his own SQL Server development and business intelligence training and consultancy. He has a particular expertise in the areas of search, distributed architectures, business intelligence and application development, focusing on high performance reliable systems since 1998 .



Simon runs the SQL Usergroups in London and Cambridge and founded SQL Bits in 2007, the largest SQL Server conference in Europe. He is a regular speaker at SQL Server events, including's Irish Microsoft Technologies Conference in 2007, and will make his return to Dublin in June 2010 when he presents at the Irish Software Show, epicenter 2010 (more).  



Car crash queries - 7:00pm

What happens when a query goes wrong. We’ve all had the  occasion where a query was running fine and then suddenly it doesn’t. You then get the query from profiler and run it in management studio and it runs fine, but your app is still running slowly. What is happening? In this session, Simon takes a deeper look at what causes the query to fail and why you get odd results when you run in management studio. Importantly you will find out what to do avoid this happening on your system.




To reserve a seat at the event visit the MTUG website  


This session is also taking place in Dublin on 9th December (More)




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