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Atlantic Conference 2010

Time09:00:00 Phone
DateThursday, February 25, 2010 Web
VenueTullamore Email

Atlantic Conference 2010

On Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Education



Atlantic Corridor works to develop cross-border and international links for a variety of business, education and development projects, between Ireland, Northern Ireland and partner regions in the USA and Canada.


It is funded by Department of Foreign Affairs and focussed particularly on the development of mechanisms to share best practice from these partner regions.



The Irish Government's Plan for Economic Renewal published in November 2008 "The Smart Economy" is about building the Ideas Economy, making Ireland an innovation and commercialisation hub of Europe, a country that combines the features of an attractive home for innovative multi nationals while also being a highly attractive incubation environment for the best entrepreneurs from Ireland and overseas.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths [STEM] fields are collectively considered core technological underpinnings of an advanced society and in many forums the strength of the STEM workforce is viewed as an indicator of a country's ability to sustain itself. It is obvious that greater and more meaningful participation in STEM subjects will be key to achieving the reality of a Smart Economy.



The Atlantic Conference 2010 is an Atlantic Corridor initiative, which has been developed by a steering committee whose members include representatives from Georgia Tech Ireland, Birr Castle - Ireland's Historic Science Centre, IDA Ireland, Athlone Institute of Technology, Atlantic Corridor and the education community.



Atlantic Corridor's main objective for this conference is to deliver a forum to share experiences of the issues relating to STEM education and also to encourage and facilitate any pilot actions that may develop as a result of the conference. This conference is a contribution not only to the debate surrounding STEM education but also to the growing development of the Irish Midlands region, as a quality location where STEM-based industries and research are set to play an increasing role in the region's development.



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