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Softtest Ireland Event

Time12:00:00 Phone
DateTuesday, February 16, 2010 Web
VenueHoliday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast





This event will feature a presentation on Lean Test Process Improvement in Agile Testing by Sarah Murphy of Xilinx and a presentation on Test Automation: A Roadmap for Success by Scott Armstrong of SQS



Lean Test Process Improvement in Agile Testing - Sarah Murphy

Lean Test Process Improvement is based on the Lean Manufacturing principle originated by Toyota and made famous by the book 'The Toyota Way'. The presentation will introduce the audience to the Lean Philosophy and use a case study to demonstrate how test process improvement can be driven from the bottom-up very effectively by empowering the team members of the Test Process Improvement initiative.


The removal of waste (anything that doesn’t add value) is at the core of the Lean Philosophy. Ensuring that the test process is as efficient and effective as it can be facilitates an agility within testing and empowers the test effort to react to change positively and agilely.


In the Xilinx Case Study, the Lean Philosophy was used to support continuous improvement in the following areas:

•    Improve the testing effort
•    Improve the efficiency of testing
•    Improve the effectiveness of testing
•    Improve to deliver results
•    Improve testing influence so as to deliver better quality


The presentation will demonstrate how a team of testers came together and contributed to the improvement of various testing processes and activities. It will address how 'easy' change becomes within the testing organization when it is driven by the testers themselves. The presentation will show how test management can facilitate the empowering of its testers while still maintaining a decorum of control, and address how the usual resistance to change was surmounted by a TPI effort driven by those who are executing the testing.


The presentation will also include feedback from a recently held Retrospective with Lessons Learned clearly elaborated on.
On completion of the talk, the audience should have a working knowledge of Lean and how it can be used to drive continuous improvement within any testing organization to improve efficiency & effectiveness, including practical examples of pit-falls and suggestions to surmount obstacles.



This presentation can also be seen in Cork and Dublin




Test Automation: A Roadmap for Success - Scott Armstrong

The presentation aims to debunk the myth that one automation tool fits all; it is essential to tailor and plan the tools and technologies involved to deliver an effective solution. The presentation will also highlight that automation is not a panacea for a struggling testing project. In the right circumstances and with the correct strategy, test automation can provide impressive returns on investment, but these efforts must be carefully targeted.


We will discuss the factors that need to be considered and the steps that should be taken to ensure the successful delivery of an automation project, and will highlight the problems that are often encountered when deploying a new tool.
The discussion will include the roles within an automation team and who should be involved, as well as external factors, such as management buy-in and the relationships that must be in place with the rest of the organisation.
Case Studies of SQS Automation projects will illustrate these principles in action.



This presentation can also be seen in Cork


More Information Here



Cost: FREE


Date & Time: 16th February - 12.00 – 14.30


Venue: Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast


Email: Nicola.McManus at






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