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Silverlight 4: What’s New after PDC

Time19:00:00 Phone
DateMonday, February 01, 2010 Web
VenueRadisson, Golden Lane, Dublin 2 Email




Silverlight 4: What’s New after PDC

Tim Heuer is a program manager for Microsoft Silverlight.  He helps build the worldwide Silverlight community and loves talking about the platform and technology in general, as well as learning and being inspired how others are using it.  Having over 13 years of experience with Microsoft web technologies, Tim is excited about the opportunities that Silverlight brings for developers and designers and wants to ensure that everyone has the best information and tools available to them for success.

Take a tour of the new features in Silverlight 4 including a dive into some of the new ready for business features like printing, rich text support, and expanded databinding support. Also hear about exciting Silverlight additions to the media stack, and get an introduction to the Silverlight 4 elevated trust out of browser model.



We will meet in the Radisson Hotel - Golden Lane on Monday the 1st of February first meeting of 2010 and I hope everyone can make it.






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