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/etc - novel computing technologies

Time18:00:00 Phone
DateWednesday, February 03, 2010 Web
VenueUCD Email




/etc is a new seminar series intended to provide some understanding of novel computing technologies from a practical perspective.



This short seminar series will comprise of four talks to be delivered by experienced practitioners; it is intended to give the audience an appreciation of the capabilities of these technologies and some basic understanding of how they are used to solve real world problems.



The series will be run through the month of February according to the schedule below.


Feb 3rd - Everything you ever wanted to know about Cloud Computing but were afraid to ask - Joe Drumgoole, CEO, Cloudsplit


Joe Drumgoole has very extensive experience in the software development industry both in Ireland and abroad. Joe served his time in core software engineering roles and then progressed into management. He held a number of senior technical management positions in organizations including Oracle, Cape Clear and Bank of Ireland and then got bitten by the startup bug. In 2006 he founded, an online backup service. More recently, he has been the key proponent behind While Joe spends much of his time these days in the heady environs of CEOs, he's not averse to rolling up his sleeves to cut code every now and again.




Feb 10th - Using Google App Engine with Python - Nick Johnson, Developer Programs Engineer, App Engine, Google


Nick is a Developer Programs Engineer on the App Engine team. He spends his days helping people write code for App Engine. His nights are spent writing code about App Engine and then blogging about it.




ROUNDUP330.pngFeb 17th - Using Ruby on Rails for rapid web app development - Paul Campbell, Maker, Ketchup


Paul Campbell is a seasoned web developer with broad experience building and deploying production web applications. He currently specialises in Ruby on Rails development and is an active member of the Ruby on Rails community. Paul has been involved in the development of sites such as Qwitter, Twecipe, and has been responsible for delivery of sites such as, and Engine Yard Partner Portal. He is currently working on Ketchup, a meeting notes web app.




Feb 24th - An Overview of Android: Google's Evolving Mobile Platform - Katsiaryna Naliuka, Technical Team Lead, VGH Project, NDRC/TCD


Katsiaryna Naliuka is a researcher in the field of computer science whose research interests lie in the area of mobile and pervasive computing. She has been working on mobile development platforms since 2006 with earlier experience with Windows Mobile. Since earl 2009 she has been the technical lead on a project aimed at creating a new genre of location-aware mobile games which is being developed using the Android platform.



All seminars being at 6pm in the Lecture Theatre in the Computer Science and Informatics building, Belfield, UCD.


Directions to CSI available from



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