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ASP.NET - Dynamic User Controls

Time19:00:06 Phone
DateWednesday, March 31, 2010 Web
VenueCork Email




This session demystifies the problems surrounding using dynamic user controls. It will go into why dynamic controls don’t work the way you expect them, how to make data bound user controls and make them dynamic in an AJAX enabled wizard. This session is aimed at level 200 to 300 and assumes familiarity with ViewState, interfaces, generics, and basic ASP.NET concepts. Code will be done in C#




Niall Merrigan is a Senior Solutions Developer with ErgoGroup AS in Stavanger Norway. Working for over 10 years in development, he specialises in SharePoint and ASP.NET but has been known to dabble in everything from network infrastructure to database optimisation.




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STOP PRESS - See Matt Wittemann (Dynamics), Rob Burke (Dynamics NAV, ASP.NET MVC), Craig Murphy, Jon Skeet (C# 4.0), Simon Sabin (SQL Server), Steve Spencer (Azure & ALM),  Andy Westgarth (Microsoft), Iain Angus (Azure & ALM), Robert Hogg (Sharepoint & OSLO), Richard Fennell (Visual Studio 2010) Bob Duffy (SQL Server MVP), Ronald Lemmen (Dynamics), Alan Dean (Delivering RESTful systems from Azure) plus many more at this year's Irish Software Show - register for Updates




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