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Cork MTug Dev Day

Time13:30:43 Phone
DateWednesday, October 13, 2010 Web
VenueCork Intnl Airport Hotel, Cork Email





Cork MTUG have organised a day of talks aimed at developers working with Microsoft technologies with four speakers (including two MVP's) covering Azure, WCF, Windows Mobile 7 and SQL Server.



Azure: From Ground to Cloud. Elliot Lawler
What's involved in taking an on-premise ASP.NET application into the Azure Cloud .



WCF - Windows Communication Foundation - Top Ten Tips. Anthony Geoghegan
This talk will cover the fundamentals of using WCF covering such topics as hosting, bindings, security and call backs covering the pros and cons. It will also cover the top ten tips based on years of experience of using WCF.



Silverlight Development on Windows Phone 7. Andy Wigley - MVP
Windows Phone 7 OS development has completed and phone makers are doing final hardware integration. The dev tools have RTM'd and soon you'll see a deluge of advertising for new Windows Phone 7 phones in time for Christmas. Excitement is growing all the time, and if you're going to ask Santa for one, you'll also want to know how to write apps for it!
In this session, you'll learn how to create Windows Phone 7 apps using Silverlight. You'll learn about all the key stuff you need for developing apps for the phone, such as the Windows Phone 7 styles, the Application Bar, the page-based navigation model, creating panoramic UIs, working with the application lifecycle, storing and retrieving data in Isolated Storage and interacting with phone services.



The Incidental DBA aka Accidental DBA. Niall Flanagan
Management have found a SQL Server database server and gave you responsilbilty for it for no other reason except that you were closest to the server! The session covers the basics of SQL Server services, security, backup & recovery, performance and availability that any IT Pro or developer needs to know if they manage SQL Servers.



Cormac Keogh from Microsoft is also going to cover what's in the pipeline from Microsoft.




Attendance is free however you must be registered to attend.





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