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Using Sql Server Reporting Services

Time18:30:53 Phone
DateTuesday, October 25, 2011 Web
VenueDublin 18 Email





This presentation on October 25th at 18:30 will demo features of Local Processing Mode using the Adventure Works 2008 data-base and also a sample Sage 200 data-base.


Sql Server Reporting Services ( SSRS ) Originally released in 2004 ( for use with Sql Server 2000) and then fully integrated with Sql Server 2005 . Latest release with Sql Server 2008 includes many powerful new features , most notably " Tablix " reports which implement many complex "cross-tab" style reports



SSRS 2008 operates in two ways ......


Remote Processing Mode :

Server Based : This would be typically used by large organisations and in effect provides a reports " centre " where users can access reports based on security level . Reports can be scheduled to run over-night etc . This requires some IT and data-base admin/support. It also requires a licensed instance of SQL Server 2008.



Users also have a report-builder with access configured by IT admin. Everything " runs on the server " and is deployed to the user via a web URL or a SOAP service to a Windows application. Reports are built using BIDS ( Business Intelligence Design Studio ) and all of the " filter " logic is built using the Report Designer surface. NO VB or C# code is required



Local Processing Mode :

Desk-top Based : Code is built to run and return results of a SQL query to Windows Forms application. Very similar to Crystal Reports. The Report Designer / Report Viewer is the same ‘engine' as above , but all the rest is done in Visual Studio using VB or C#


Why use Local Processing Mode :

  • dotNet "coder" to service one-off user requests , zero DBA/server work
  • zero admin costs , zero license costs , zero hassle for DBA
  • possible prototype to evaluate Remote Model for your organization
  • can do more complex ‘front-end' analysis
  • use latest 2008 report features with 2000/2005
  • alternative to Crystal Reports costs/deployments


Presentation will demo features of Local Processing Mode using the Adventure Works 2008 data-base and also a sample Sage 200 data-base



Sean Moynihan has over 25 years experience in industry and Information Technology Systems. Since April 2001 , he has been engaged full-time in developing PC application systems , primarily in individual project solutions for small to medium size manufacturing businesses. He has an MSc in physics from NUI , Galway







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