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Thucydides - Web Testing for Devs

Time18:30:46 Phone087 819 0249
DateThursday, March 01, 2012 Web
VenueTCube, 32-34 Castle St, Dublin 2






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Thucydides - Web Testing for Developers the TCube!

WAKALEO_John_Ferguson_Smart.jpgIn modern web applications, the UI has become an increasingly sophisticated and mission-critical part of the application. Indeed, if you are serious about quality, automated web testing is essential. However automated web tests have long been the realm of over-the-wall QA, unmaintainable scripts, quick-and-dirty coding, haphazard manual processes and slow feedback cycles.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Selenium 2/WebDriver is designed to make it easier to write clean, well-designed and maintainable tests for your web applications. And Thucydides takes WebDriver to the next level, making it easier to structure and organize your web tests using modular, reusable components. Thucydides is an exciting new open source library that lets you use Selenium 2/WebDriver to write more flexible and more reusable automated web tests, and also to generate documentation and reporting about your acceptance tests, including a narrative descriptions, screen shots, and project progress reports.

In this talk, at TCube, John Ferguson Smart, CEO of Wakaleo Consulting, author of 'Java Power Tools' and 'Jenkins: The Definitive Guide', and a longtime advocate of open source tools that support and automate the software development lifecycle, will look at the advantages of using Selenium 2/WebDriver for your web tests, and see what Thucydides brings to the party.

The second part of the workshop will be a live coding demonstration where we will see how real-world automated web tests can be implemented in a clean, maintainable and sustainable manner using Thucydides and Selenium 2/WebDriver.

Free Beer and Pizza - Yay!

And that's not all.....courtesy of Ireland's newest recruitment agency for software professionals, A People Recruitment - Simply Careers Ahead, and world leading anti-virus and threat protection company, ESET, there will be plenty of beers and some pizza to keep you nourished.




Attending this super event is free. However, we're limited to 50 people so you must sign up (link below) and await confirmation of your place.



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For people who are unable to make it to TCube on 1st March, NO PROBLEM!



Come back to this page and you can watch a live stream of John as he charts his way through his presentation.



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Limited to 50 people


Reserve your place for Thucydides - Web Testing for Devs at the Tcube with Wakaleo HERE




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