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Making Communications Work

Time18:30:05 Phone087 819 0249
DateThursday, March 22, 2012 Web
VenueTCube, 32-34 Castle Street, Dublin

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Making Communications Work for Your Software Business the TCube!

MICHELLE_MURPHY.jpgEvery software company has a core focus, whether it is technical, product or service lead. Communications is often considered the ‘add on' element of the sales process by most organisations, when it should really be a strategic part of the business planning process in order to maximise investment in this area, as it supports every element of the business.

In this first of a series of four presentations, Michelle Murphy, MD of Clarify Communications, will give you an overview of the various elements of communications that you can implement and highlight the real business value that communications can provide to your business if you approach it in the right way.

Communications takes planning and time to implement with the right resources allocated as required. No matter how small or large your organisation is, communications can make the difference between a business surviving and getting ahead of its' competitors or becoming one of the recession's victims - so now is the time to see how you can improve your business communications and release its' real value.



The first workshop will focus on developing your communications strategy, incorporating how you represent your company through its branding and messaging. We will look at the importance of consistency at all times and the steps you need to take to develop the right messaging and brand for your organisation. This will include looking at what your brand and mission represents to your target audiences and how to use these to best effect. Furthermore, we look at how to engender consistent messaging across your organisation and how best to represent this messaging to your target audiences.



The following workshops (dates to be announced soon) will cover the following topics:

  • Sparking media interest: How to write a press release to gain media attention; the difference between releases and advertising; the importance of photography; how to build media relationships; value of social media
  • Maximising your media & speaker opportunities - public speaking and interview skills
  • Developing marcomms collateral and marketing techniques to help promote your business. This will include event management skills; design and print production; direct and online marketing; video production for online social media; online promotion

Free Beer and Pizza - Yay!

And that's not all.....courtesy of Ireland's newest recruitment agency for software professionals, A People Recruitment - Simply Careers Ahead, internal Threat protection software company Safetica, and world leading anti-virus and threat protection company, ESET, there will be plenty of beers and some pizza to keep you nourished.




Attending this super event is free. However, we're limited to 50 people so you must sign up (link below) and await confirmation of your place.



Live Stream

For people who are unable to make it to TCube on 22nd March, NO PROBLEM!

Come back to this page and you can watch a live stream of Michelle as she charts her way through this presentation.



Sign up here and we'll send you an email reminder, check in to the Facebook page or the Irish Software Developers' Network Meetup Up Page






Watch live streaming video from tcube at



Use the Twitter Hash Tags #TCube #SoftwarePR #Clarify








Information & Registration


Limited to 50 people


Reserve your place for Pushing PR for Software Companies at the Tcube with Clarify HERE




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