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Node Dublin Conference

Time19:00:00 Phone
DateThursday, October 18, 2012
VenueDublin Email

Node Dublin is a full 2 day conference which is taking place in the Guinness Storehouse in the centre of Dublin city.

If you would like to get an in-depth view of the state-of-the-art of Node.js Node Dublin is for you.


Over the two days you will get a chance to hang out with the speakers, and you will get a full view of the future direction of Node.js. We would like to extend our invitation to your UG, and in doing this we have allocated a small number of discount tickets for the event. You can use the code N0D3D4B7I4 for a €100 discount.


Node Dublin will have a number of cultural events for your enjoyment; these will include a tour of the Guinness Factory, a talk on Irish whiskey with a whiskey tasting, a traditional Irish music recital. Node Dublin will also have a live electronic music show from the famous UK electronic music-duo Plaid (


Topics at NodeDublin will cover the following areas:

Real Time Web using Socket Stream and
Building Highly Distributed Systems
Streams using Node.js and Design Patterns for implementing streams
Building entire products in Java Script using Node, PhoneGap and HTML5
Building Robots using Node and Arduino
Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications using Node.js
High Performance JavaScript (Competing with Native C code using Node.js)
DevOps Huge Scale Systems with Node (Deploying code to 2000 instances
at one time)
Build Tools for Node.js
Evolving Genetic Algorithms In The Browser
Google V8 Performance
Libuv (Core of Node) and Performance
Distributed Computing with Node.js


We have some very special guest speaking at Node Dublin including Rickard Falkving (, James Whelton
(, and Jan Lehnardt (
















Information & Registration


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