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Dublin Scala / Lift / Akka Meetup

Time18:30:06 Phone
DateWednesday, May 08, 2013 Web
VenueTCube, 32-34 Castle St, Dublin 2 Email

Dublin Scala / Lift / Akka Meetup


TCube_330x330.pngJoin the Dublin Scala / Lift / Akka meetup group and their speakers Ugo Matrangolo, Fergal Somers and Pere Villega for your very own introduction to Akka, the Scala middleware.



Ugo Matrangolo is a senior engineer at GILT where he spends most of his  time developing in Scala / Java and Ruby. He is interested in functional programming, distributed systems and machine learning.

Throughout his talk he will cover:

  • Internals of an Actor system
  • Non blocking futures
  • Solving classical concurrency problems using Akka Actors: Bounded buffer, Readers Writers, and Dining Philosophers

Fergal Somers
( @fergsomer ) is a senior architect for Integrations at Workday. He is an experienced Java programmer, and a novice programmer in Scala / Akka for a couple of years.

Throughout his talk he will cover:

  • A Map-Reduce Actor example in Akka with Testkit

Pere Villega
( @pvillega ) is an engineer at FINEOS where he uses technology to generate revenue for his employer. He is a self-proclaimed nerd, and fan of Play / Akka / Scala with some minor contributions to the community.

Throughout his talk he will cover:

  • What's Akka
  • Why does it matter
  • Basic overview









Information & Registration



EVENT: Dublin Scala / Lift / Akka Meetup
DATE & TIME: 8th May 2013 / Doors Open 18:30 / Kick Off 19:00
VENUE: TCube, Phoenix House, Castle St, Dublin 2


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