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Function Point Analysis

Time09:00:17 Phone
DateTuesday, May 28, 2013 Web
VenueRadisson Blu St. Helen's Stillorgan Email


Function Point Analysis


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Software engineers have been searching for a metric that is applicable for a broad range of software environments. The metric should be technology independent and support the need for estimating, project management, measuring quality and gathering requirements and as an answer Function point Analysis (FPA) has been a sizing measure of clear business significance of computer software since made public firstly by Allan Albrecht.



Function Point Analysis is extremely useful in estimating projects, managing change of scope, measuring productivity, and communicating functional requirements. The Course includes 1 day classroom training & 30 days online training with our LMS portal.




This Workshop is designed to provide in-depth understanding of function point analysis technique. FPA is a method to break systems into smaller components, so they can be better understood and analyzed. This FPA training also provides a structured technique for problem solving. This training would also let you grasp how function points measure software by quantifying its functionality provided to the user based primarily on the logical design.



Benefits and Uses:

  • Function Points can be used to communicate more effectively with business user groups.
  • Function Points can be used to reduce overtime.
  • Function points can be used to establish an inventory of all transactions and files of a current project or application. This inventory can be used as a means of evaluation of an application. If an inventory is conducted for a development project or enhancement project, then this same inventory could be used to help maintain scope creep and to help control project growth. Even more important this inventory helps understand the magnitude of the problem.
  • Function Points can be used to size software applications. Sizing is an important component in determining productivity (outputs/inputs), predicting effort, understanding unit cost, so on and so forth.
  • Unlike some other software metrics, different people can count function points at different times, to obtain the same measure within a reasonable margin of error. That is, the same conclusion will be drawn from the results.
  • FPA can help organizations understand the unit cost of a software application or project. Once a unit cost is understood tools, languages, platforms can be compared quantitatively instead of subjectively. This type of analysis is much easier to understand than technical information. That is, a non-technical user can easily understand Function Points.
  • Participants Will get 8 PDUs.



Course Outline:

Function Point Analysis - An Overview, Identifying User Requirements - Gathering Available Documentation, Data Functions, Elementary Process and Transactional Functionality, Determining Type of Count, Purpose, Scope and Boundary, Shared Data Concepts, Counting Enhancement Projects, Conversion Functionality, Calculating and Applying Functional Size Measurement, Value Adjustment Factor.



Also taking place in Cork 5th July (more info)





Information & Registration



EVENT: Function Point Analysis
DATE & TIME: 28th May 2013 / 09:00
VENUE: Radisson Blu St. Helen's
Stillorgan Rd, Blackrock, Co. Dublin



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