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OWASP Europe Tour - The Training

Time09:00:35 Phone
DateTuesday, June 25, 2013 Web
VenueTCube, 32-34 Castle St, Dublin 2 Email


OWASP Europe Tour - The Training





The OWASP Europe Tour objective is to raise awareness about application security in the European region, so that people and organizations can make informed decisions about true application security risks.



The Irish leg of the tour starts with a full days training workshop on 25th June tutored by Paco Hope, followed by a free conference on the 26th June.





HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. HTML5, and its integration with JavaScript, introduces new security risks that we need to carefully consider when writing web front-end code. Modern web-based software, including mobile web front-end applications, makes heavy use of innovative JavaScript and HTML5 browser support to deliver advanced user experiences. Front-end developers focus their efforts on creating this experience and are generally not aware of the security implications of the technologies they use.



The Defensive Programming – JavaScript/HTML5 course helps web front-end developers understand the risks involved with manipulating the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and using the advanced features of JavaScript and HTML 5 such as cross-domain requests and local storage. The course reinforces some important security aspects of modern browser architecture and presents the student with defensive programming techniques that can be immediately applied to prevent common vulnerabilities from being introduced. Additionally, the course provides a detailed description of typical JavaScript sources and sinks and explains how they can be used to detect problems in code.



Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with Web programming environments and technologies including JavaScript and HTML. Completion of the Foundations of Software Security, Attack and Defense, or OWASP Top Ten + 2 courses is highly recommended.



Instructor Profile

Paco Hope is a Principal Consultant for Cigital with over 12 years experience in the securing of software and systems. He sets the technical direction in Europe and leads consultants delivering static source code analysis, architectural risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and penetration tests.



His experience covers web applications, online gaming (gambling), embedded gaming devices, lotteries, and business-to-business transaction systems. He has assessed systems for small startups with thousands of lines of code, and massive enterprises with thousands of applications and millions of lines of code.



He is a frequent conference speaker at such venues as OWASP, RSA (US and Europe), Security B-Sides, and SecAppDev. He speaks on issues like integrating security into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), securing web applications, and secure random number generation.



Paco is also involved in the leadership of the London Chapter of (ISC)2. He also serves on (ISC)2's Application Security Advisory Board, helping to advise on the direction of the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) certification. He has held the CISSP for nearly 10 years and the CSSLP since shortly after its creation.



Paco has co-authored two books on software security: the Web Security Testing Cookbook and Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security. He has also authored a chapter of Gary McGraw's Building Security In.


Who Should Attend the Europe Tour Training Workshop?

  • Application Developers
  • Application Testers and Quality Assurance
  • Application Project Management and Staff
  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Deputies, Associates and Staff
  • Chief Financial Officers, Auditors, and Staff Responsible for IT Security Oversight and Compliance
  • Security Managers and Staff
  • Executives, Managers, and Staff Responsible for IT Security Governance
  • IT Professionals Interesting in Improving IT Security
  • Anyone interested in learning about or promoting Web Application Security


Also - check out the OWASP European Tour FREE Conference on Wednesday 26th June - spaces are limited!







Information & Registration

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EVENT: OWASP Europe Tour - The Training

25th June 2013

VENUE: TCube, Phoenix House, Castle St, Dublin 2






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