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Dublin Lampstack Meetup - September

Time18:15:56 Phone
DateThursday, September 03, 2015 Web, Fleet St, Dublin Email



Join the Dublin Lampstack User Group in tomorrow (3rd September - late notice we know!) along with Romans Malinovskis who is in Dublin this week.


Firstly, from 7:00 there will be a very informal 1/2 hour open floor talking about the LAMP topics you'd most like to hear covered at future meetups.


Previous suggestions have included.....

- Future of Programming (video and conversation).
- IT Jobs (how to find, where, what I need, what they want)
- How to be a "Freelancer" (how start, finding works, what I need)
- Colleges and Courses in Dublin (where, how much, why)
- Big IT companies in Dublin (who are they , why work there, +info)
- Find a partner to build a new system (activity)
- Find investors or customers to your product (activity)
- Game with PHP functions - testing your knowledge (activity)
- Sharing your "best" quick-fix (activity)
- Start work and make money, sell a WordPress web site! (conversation).

These topics are very PHP centric, but since we're now more about the full LAMP stack, there must be loads more!


Romans Malinovskis - “Building Cloud Apps the Right Way”

Romans is an early pioneer of “Software as a Service” apps and has been developing in PHP since ’95. He started as a freelancer and soon put together a developer team to work on web projects.

Today, Romans and his team are working on building a Platform as a Service around the PHP Framework he has created and open-sourced - with the goal to make development of Scalable Web Applications simple and more fun.

“Building Cloud Apps the right way” is a look into the series of a workshops run by Agile Toolkit that teach developers how to rely on the experience and power of an on-line platform and open-source to develop powerful web applications.

Irish craft beers courtesy of sponsor

There is a small charge of €9.50 to cover the venue, and priority entrance will be given to people who have pre-booked a ticket here





Information & Registration


tcube_200_x_100.gifDATE & TIME: 3rd September 2015 / 18:15

VENUE: (Next to Palace Bar) Fleet Stree, Temple Bar, Dublin 2




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