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Expanding Career Options with Linux

Time18:30:45 Phone
DateWednesday, November 25, 2009 Web
Venue22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, D4 Email

Expanding Career Options with Linux



About the lecture: Many engineers find themselves unemployed at present. Some may have be trained in an ICT related discipline or indeed may have worked in such an area but without any professional certification.



This talk, presented by David Howe, Howe Systems, will focus on how engineers can achieve LPI certification at a low cost which will hopefully lead to an expansion of career opportunities.



Linux is used extensively in the following:
• TV set top boxes, flat screen TVs, digital cameras, consumer electronics.
• the automotive industry, the aeronautics industry, the military.
• the NYSE uses Linux for critical trades and transactions.
• dynamic web page design and content management systems.
• search engines and social networking sites



Admisison: Free. All welcome.





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