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Senior DevOps & Sys Scaling Eng

Job Title
Senior DevOps & Sys Scaling Eng
€75k+ & Stock Option


The Company:

They have created a data analytics platform for the websites. It provides information in real time and automates marketing and personalisation.


What makes them different?

They bring the human element back into play! This allows the technology to do what it does best (crunch the numbers and provide organised data) and for people to use this information to best interact with customers.


How does it work...

  • Realtime Predictive Analytics to Shape the Customer Journey and Personalize the Experience.
  • Embed Voice, Video, Chat and Screen Sharing into WEBSITES, MOBILE and EMAIL.
  • Rapidly Deploy with Light weight Code and Powerful APIs


The Opportunity



They are going from having a handful of customers to 100s of customers, which equates to 1000s of pageviews per hour to 100,000s!


You will be tasked with building a distributed system that can scale to handle our massive growth over the next 3-6 months.

They are a well funded startup with one the biggest names in Irish Startups as a co-founder dedicating 70% of his time.


Their main client base in in North America where they have 2 sales people and they are currently expanding into the UK and Ireland.



Their ever progressing tech stack includes:

  • Iaas hosted on AWS. Open to looking at new perspectives on cloud hosting to avoid lockin.
  • All apps are docker containerised
  • 3 XL servers with MongoDB clusters and 4 XL other servers: they will be replicating in North America in the coming theyeks.
  • MongoDB spinning up Spark (in memory Hadoop that pulls data into memory in almost realtime)
  • Using RabbitMQ but moving to Caska
  • Node.js & Python for Back-end Applications


The Role:

They need your help to guide them through this growth and create a scalable system capable of processing real time data.

You will build the platform used by the rest of the company. This can involve building highly-available distributed systems or creating tools to improve our development workflow. Sometimes this involves deep-diving a backtrace trying to track down an obscure interaction between two system components.


As they are a little light on process, you will organise the environment with a strict DevOps mindset, and enforce rules that are set regarding code deployment. They write world class code and you will be responsible for ensuring this quality remains.

You will create the key DevOps function where they can grow with their customers and with new engineers.


Who will you do this with...

They currently have 9 highly intelligent engineers- data scientists, analytic engineers, UI/UX focused engineers, etc. Many come from Phd backgrounds who have turned down massive opportunities to work on this project because of our innovative technologies and roadmap to success.


People just want to be part of this!


Now it's time to get someone in who has scaled something like this before, who they can learn from. Someone who is looking for autonomy to use all their past successes and failures to build something amazing with them.


What skills do you need?

  • You need to ‘get DevOps' and be able to foster a DevOps culture that can scale with us
  • You must have built distributed (SaaS) applications- and have done ‘DevOps' for those.
  • Experience with cloud services, they use AWS but they are interested in hearing from people with Linode or Googlecompute as interested they're always looking for new perspectives
  • Expert knowledge of horizontally scaled application deployment and redundant, scalable large-scale Databases
  • Expert knowledge in Linux administration and extensive understanding of server operations and deployment

Please contact Gerry at for more information.


This will be a 1 stage interview process onsite in Galway. For candidates interviewing outside of Ireland a Skype pre-screening will take place prior to this and the cost of flights covered.





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