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Customer Value Manager Digital Web

Job Title
Customer Value Manager Digital Web
Dublin City Centre

Description is seeking a Customer Value Manager (CVM) for a Dublin city centre based partner company. The position is a key and pivotal role within all Enterprise client engagements, with ownship and management of the customer account program which has been designed to exceed key performance goals associated with the ROI and product usage.


As the trusted advisor on all Program related activity the CVM ensures program execution is carried out through the use of the CVM cockpit and associated best practices, and that all client interaction is professionally and expertly managed to ensure client satisfaction, customer health and customer retention.'s partner company provides online support chat solutions for client companies who want to manage conversions through their websites. Whilst technical skill is not mandatory, a passion and keen interest in digital solutions or web services is, and this career opportunity will enable the successful candidate to keep at the top edge of emerging digital skills and products.



Your Characteristics

  • Ability to manage complex engagement programs
  • Consultative and collaborative
  • Industry and subject matter gravitas
  • Visionary and Evangelical
  • Understand management concepts, current business perspectives and thought leadership.
  • Pro-actively seeks new insights and trends within Digital Markets
  • Ability to communicate complex issues simply within the business context


Your Responsibilities

In summary, the responsibilities of the role are as follows:

  • Account Planning – The CVM will work in collaboration with the Account Executive (AE) in order to establish an account plan consistent with the customer’s needs and reasonable expectations.  The account plan will be reviewed regularly in accordance with the needs of the company.
  • Program Development – The CVM will establish a program for each customer which will determine usage, functionality, adoption, operational optimisation and ROI consistent with, or exceeding, customer expectation.  The program will be in the form of a high level Gantt chart which clearly defines overall plan, interdependencies and major plan milestones.
  • Performance Management – Deliver relevant performance review data at regular and agreed review points.  The data must be interpreted to determine customer performance and support recommendations to increase the business benefits and usage of our products.
  • Customer Success – Ensure that all engaged staffs are focussed upon the customer success factors that increase usage of our offerings within reasonable and agreed ROI criteria.  
  • Increased Adoption – Increase adoption of functionality and usage consistent with the company Account Plan and in line with the customer Program
  • Customer Satisfaction – Maintain a high level of customer response and satisfaction based upon both survey and attrition indicators. Increase reference ability and look to promote connection between the customer and us at all times 
  • Personal Billable Utilisation – Billable utilisation is required to be 70% with in an acceptable deviation of +/- 10%.



  • Customer Success – Excellent Customer Survey feedback and low attrition rates across the individuals account portfolio
  • Revenue – Achievement of account revenue goals based upon usage and service offering values as set out in the company Account Plans.
  • Billable Utilisation – Personal billable utilisation between 60% and 80% per annum.
  • Contract Alignment – Assigned Program team staff must be supported by an appropriate budget.


Mandatory Skills Needed

  • Good communications and thought leadership
  • Leadership and motivation of team members.
  • Confidence and presence – Ability to communicate with confidence ideas and/or presentations to senior clients.
  • Gravitas in terms of physical presence and delivery
  • Ability to clearly and succinctly build a case/argument and influence by persuasive means the desired outcome with the client 
  • Credible and confident at presenting management thinking and ideas to senior people within the clients organisation
  • Self-starter and who can build on embryonic ideas
  • Excellent use of Planning and Control methods to enable a clear Program


Supplementary Skills

  • Good orator
  • Excellent written skills
  • Can assist others creativity
  • Can be robust and articulate in defending a point of view



Generic Personal Qualities

  • Trustworthy and credible
  • Can encourage others and lead clients and colleagues alike
  • Has the desire for continual professional and personal improvement



If this Looks Like a Great Career Opportunity For You, Reach Out!

If you like the sound of this great job and believe it will help you along your career path, then get in touch with us now by simply emailing us at with your CV.






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