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Open Source Developers Goto Prague

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DateFriday, April 30, 2010
AuthorS K

Open Source Developers Goto Prague

Search Innovators and Expert Developers Heading to First Apache EMEA Conference This Month



PRAGUE Charles 5th Hotel will be Search Central from May18th-21stThe First Apache Open Source search technologies conference for European developers takes place in Prague this month, presented by Lucid Imagination.



The Conference will showcase achievements by customers, developers, technologists and search innovators and is running as a not-for-profit venture, with net proceeds going to The Apache Software Foundation.



Lucid Imagination, the commercial company behind Apache's Lucene and Solr open source search technologies has announced details of the first conference in Europe dedicated to Lucene and Solr. The event takes place at the Charles 5th Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic from May 18th-21st.



The Apache Lucene EuroCon  will build on the accelerating marketplace adoption of Lucene/Solr open source search technology, by challenging legacy technologies from costly, proprietary platforms.



Lucid Imagination CEO Eric Gries said: "Europe has emerged as a key hub of activity within the Lucene/ Solr developer community," 


"Companies are facing explosive growth in the volume and diversity of data, fuelling demand for enterprise-ready search capabilities without the costly lock-in of proprietary commercial search. This conference will be essential for search application developers who want to build on their expertise for Lucene/Solr search-enabled applications."



Technologists and executives alike recognise that they need search applications tailored to fit their business needs and their marketplace. Attendees will learn how Apache Lucene/Solr open source community innovation is overtaking conventional technologies, unleashing new and innovative search-enabled applications that deliver competitive advantage, scalability, and cost economies.



Search Technology experts from across Europe and the world will be demonstrating how Lucene/Solr delivers more powerful, flexible, scalable and innovative search applications. Companies that are likely to attend include  firms as diverse as AT&T, Zappos, Linked In, Nordjyske Media, and The Guardian, along with some of the  other  almost 4000  organisations worldwide that use Lucene/Solr.



Notable speakers at the conference includes The Guardian's Matt McAlister, Head of its Developer Network, who will speak about using  Lucene/Solr-driven content provisioning to enable new business models and accelerate revenue.



Zack Urlocker, former EVP of Products at MySQL, will provide insight as to how combined innovations from open source, search, big data and cloud technology are fomenting creative disruption in IT.



The conference has been designed with the developer community in mind. The agenda of speakers, workshops and training sessions offers a great opportunity for the Apache Lucene/Solr and Open Source developer community to ROUNDUP330.pngcome together and learn what's new, get practical advice in intensive sessions on Lucene/Solr search application development from experienced real-world developers, and to  network with other community members.


Co-sponsors include Findwise Technologies, SourceSense and KippData.


Additional featured speakers from Lucid Imagination include Grant Ingersoll, Chair of the Lucene Project Management Committee and Yonik Seeley, creator of Solr; Erik Hatcher, author of Lucene in Action; along with Andrzej Bialecki , Apache Nutch project lead.



Experts from Day Software, VRT-medialab; Nokia; IBM and a dozen other companies will also deliver sessions.


Lucid Imagination is the commercial company exclusively dedicated to Apache Lucene technology. The company provides free certified distributions, documentation, commercial-grade support, training, high-level consulting and value-added software for Lucene and Solr.



Lucid Imagination's goal is to serve as a central resource for the entire Lucene community and marketplace, to make enterprise search application developers more productive. Two two day training courses are also available.



Customers include AT&T, Sears, Ford, Verizon, Cisco, Elsevier, Zappos, The Guardian, The Motley Fool, Macy's, Qualcomm, Taser, Nordjyske Media, Lucid's investors include Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures, Walden International and In-Q-Tel.



More information is  on  the Lucid Imagination conferencesite -




Schedule Announced for the Irish Software Show, June 8th-11th Click Here


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