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DateFriday, July 30, 2010
Author Readers Offer

Learn the Tips & Tricks of Deploying Rails Apps on Java Servers with JRuby Cookbook by O'Reilly Books



If you're interested in JRuby, you probably don't need a turorial on Ruby, Rails, or Java - you just need to know how to get things done.



This Cookbook offers practical solutions for using the Java implementation of the Ruby language, with targeted recipes for deploying Rails web applications on Java servers, integrating JRuby code with Java technologies, developing JRuby desktop applications with Java toolkits, and more.



Using numerous reusable code samples, JRuby Cookbook shows you how to:

  • Install and update JRuby on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and IDEs such as NetBeans and Eclipse
  • Package and deploy Rails apps on Java Servlet containers and Java EE application servers, including JBoss, Tomcat, and GlassFish
  • Integrate Ruby and Rails applications with popular Java EE technologies such as JMS, JMX, JPA, Spring, and Hibernate
  • Develop desktop and client applications with cross-platform Java UI technologies and toolkits such as Swing, SWT, and Java 2D
  • Maximize the flexibility of your testing and build environment, using both existing Java-based tools such as Ant and Maven and newer Ruby-based tools such as Rake, Raven, and Buildr


The JRuby interpreter combines Ruby's simplicity and ease of use with Java's extensive libraries and technologies, a potent blend that opens new possibilities for Ruby, Rails, and Java. This Cookbook helps you take full advantage of JRuby's potential.



Bob McWhirter, Research & Prototyping, Red Hat Middleware writes, "The JRuby Cookbook is an excellent book for any polyglot who is trying to bridge the gap between Java and Ruby. It provides solutions to specific problems developers face in both their development and testing environments, along with the applications they're building."





Readers Competition (expires midday 3rd August) have a copy of JRuby Cookbook for one lucky reader and here's how you can win it.



The Irish Software Show, Ireland's biggest gig on Software, Web, Cloud and Mobile technologies took plave in Trinity College Dublin in June. What date is epicenter 2011? (find answer here and then email it here*)


(*by entering the competition, you are subscribing to the weekly newsletter)


Can't wait? Then get your hands deep into it and  begin deploying your Rails apps on your Java servers right away! Buy JRuby Cookbook today for €28.00 plus €7.00 p&p, or, if you're an Elite Member, just pay €1.00 plus €7.00 p&p!!


Buy it Here Reader or Elite Member?


The 3rd Irish Software Show 2011 - Date Announced Click Here


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