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Stockbyte Jerry Tweaks New Service

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DateThursday, October 28, 2010

Stockbyte Jerry Tweaks New Service 

Jerry Kennelly Goes Beta with Online Artwork Creation Service for Stationary, Advertising and Promotional Material



Tweak.JPGJerry Kennelly, the founder of Tralee based Stockbyte, which sold for $135million to Getty Images, has finally launched the beta service for his new business, Tweak, which aims to reshape the way businesses create artwork for stationery, advertising and other graphical promotional material.



The service is revolutionary in so far as the company claims it to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The service allows companies to access ready made templates for business stationery such as letterheads and business cards, online and print advertisements, and templates for a host of other material including brochures and flyers.



Undoubtedly, the best feature of Tweak is the ability for users to create their own publication-ready adverts for a vast array of newspapers and magazines the world-over. From Tweak's database, users can select the publication name, the size of their intended advert in column centimetres, the publication's section (editorial or classified) and whether the advert required is colour or black and white. Once done, the user navigates to the ad editing section where they are able to change the text, contact details and upload or create a logo on the fly. The user may if they wish, even upload their own image into the advert, change the colour or add bubbles and stars to accentuate a special offer, before entering the check-out and sending the print-ready pdf to the publisher.



Already, Kennelly, who refers to himself as Tweaker-in-Chief, has several thousand templates for a vast number of industry types ready to trial, which, assuming Kennelly follows his tried and tested Stockbyte business plan, is likely to increase as the business beds down and customers begin to adopt it.



Sources close to say that the official launch of Tweak was originally scheduled for March 2010. The wait should be worthwhile however, because the Tweak service seems to be a viable, user-friendly, cost effective and simple option for businesses of all types, especially those who have the need to engage graphic designers on a regular basis.





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