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Ireland's 1st Epson Digigraphie Lab

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DateFriday, December 23, 2011

Ireland's 1st Epson Digigraphie Lab

Digigraphie Protects an Artist's Legacy by Authenticating the Print's Originality, and Endorsing the Quality


EPSON_DIGIGRAPHIE.pngCork based photographic service RightBrain has become the first lab in Ireland to offer Irish photographers, artists and museums Epson's Digigraphie printing and technology which ensures a unique label of excellence and giving them exceptional and repeatable print quality.



Digigraphie, conceptualised as far back as 2003, has been developed by Epson for photographers, artists and museums to produce limited, certified editions of their artwork, using a combination of Epson Stylus Pro Printers, long-established Epson UltraChrome series inks and the highest quality fine-art media. It is Epson's label of excellence made possible by the technical performance of Epson Stylus Pro printers and on the resistance and quality of its range of UltraChrome pigment inks.



The prints can be produced on a range of approved materials called 'Signature Worthy Papers', and each is individually authenticated with a serial number, signed by the artist, embossed with the Digigraphie seal and accompanied by a certificate of guarantee. Once an embossed seal is applied to the print, it confirms it has been produced following a specific digital process and assures customers that their print is genuine.



Artists and photographers also have the opportunity to register their prints and place an image on the Digigraphie website for others to see.



The Digigraphie service opens new opportunities to provide a wider range of long-lasting, limited-edition works. Daniel Rafferty, Account Manager, Epson Ireland, explains: "The demand for digital photography and art increases year after year, as people realise they can own their favourite works as limited edition prints. For professional artists and photographers, it is essential that they remain in control of all their reproductions to protect the value and legacy of their work.



This is why Epson is delighted to be announcing Ireland's first Digigraphie lab in Ireland with RightBrain. Our quality and experience of digital print making has ensured that the Digigraphie qualifications will meet the needs of both the customer and professional," Rafferty added.



The Epson Stylus Pro printer range, utilising the Ultra Chrome family of 8 &10 colour pigment based inks and certified fine art/photo media offer a number of characteristics which meet the expectation of professional photographers and artists. They include a wide colour gamut, the smoothest of gradation and absolute control over the tone and hue of black and white prints thanks to the three densities of black ink and an advanced printer driver.



Tony O'Brien, Rightbrain says: "RightBrain's clients are passionate about photography and the arts and they expect only the highest standards of photographic and art reproduction at the uppermost professional level. We are thrilled to expand our offering to include Epson's Digigraphie which we have no doubt will excel our customers' expectations. This is the perfect fit for our business and we are pleased to be Ireland's first Digigraphie lab offering unprecedented quality and reliability to the Irish market."







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