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Geo Location Restaurant App Launch

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DateTuesday, February 05, 2013

Geo Location Restaurant App Launch

Irish Developed Temptster App to Enable Restaurants to Fill Seats, and Diners to Get Same Day Value on Offers



Irish Developed Temptster App to Enable Restaurants to Fill Seats, and Diners to Get Same Day Value on OffersAccording to Temptster, a new consumer app for use in the hospitality sector, empty tables and last minute cancellations cost restaurants, clubs, and bars millions of euro every year, causing havoc to profit margins. With this in mind, Temptster has taken an age old problem and harnessed the power of mobile communications to, as they claim, solve the problem.



The Irish developed smartphone app is real time solution which allows restaurants to reach customers in the immediate vicinity, to promote high-value same-day offers. The instant nature of the Temptster app means that if restaurants are quiet, they can bring in customers that are near to the venue within 15 minutes, by posting offers like complimentary wine with meals.



Temptster claim that the app guarantees table booking for both the restaurant and the customer and, for diners, apart from the convenience of knowing local restaurant availability, they also make major savings on dining out, even with the spontaneity of a last minute decision to eat out. Furthermore, Temptster say there are no coupons or codes involved; just same-day offers via the phone app. The saving is simply applied to the restaurant bill, so diners avail of the offers without anyone else in the restaurant being aware.



Ollie Fegan, the developer and entrepreneur of Enterprise Ireland backed Temptster, was Sales and Marketing Director for Fegan's Foodservice in Dublin, and has extensive knowledge of the restaurants and hospitality sector in the city. He explained that Temptster was developed after consultation with many restaurant and bar owners, and has the inbuilt flexibility for any bar or restaurant owner to create a unique offer. "By using geo-location technology, restaurants and bars can communicate with those in the city who are actively seeking their services. As results can be filtered in order of proximity to the consumer, restaurants and bars are most likely to attract people in the immediate vicinity, thereby fulfilling offers in a relatively short time-frame."



The merchant interface and database were developed using MySQL and PHP and HTML5. The app uses HTML5 in the Apple environment. The merchant interface was built with ease-of-use in mind, and facilitates all offer types (2 for 1, complimentary, set price etc.).


Merchants can host deals for VIP customers exclusively, and communicate with regular patrons. Restaurant ratings and reviews, as well as foodie news, will also feature on the app.



Dublin restaurants such as Fade Street Social, Diep Le Shaker, Carluccios, The Unicorn, Bang, Jaipur and Salamanca are among over one hundred currently signed-up to the new app technology.








Corporate Information


Visit Temptster to download the app now.



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