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ProfitBricks Launch New DevOps API

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DateFriday, April 24, 2015
AuthorLeonid Botnarenko

ProfitBricks Launch New DevOps API

ProfitBricks Reaches a Better Position to serve the DevOps community With New DevOps Central and REST API

ProfitBricks CEO Achim Weiss says new DevOps Central and Rest API will enable them to better serve the DevOps communityProfitBricks (@ProfitBricks), provider of painless cloud infrastructure IaaS, has announced a new DevOps Central and REST API, along with support for three multi-cloud libraries and a Python SDK.



This, combined with its already existing SOAP API and its new RESTful API, ProfitBricks says it is now in a position to better serve the DevOps community and provide the ability to automate cloud infrastructure in a multi-cloud world.



ProfitBricks boasts flexible cloud servers and networking, an integrated Data Center Designer tool for visual control over the cloud, it also introducing several libraries that enable developers to use their favorite language to code against its RESTful and SOAP APIs. This development provides users with multi-cloud support and enhances the portability of DevOps automation across clouds now supporting ProfitBricks.


Achim Weiss, Co-founder and CEO of ProfitBricks (pictured), said: "We anticipate our expansive library launch to add a tremendous amount of value to our DevOps community, and to all of our clients. At the core of everything we architect and release, ProfitBricks is committed to providing its customers with a seamless experience, alleviating both granular and large-scale stress points in cloud migration and operations, our DevOps Central website is already a huge success, and we are in position to release additional software development kits to better service this audience."


ProfitBricks also had announced several initiatives that will serve the DevOps community and will build a strong foundation for a multi-cloud world where workloads are automated down to the CPU core using Cloud APIs, Cloud Libraries and SDKs. LibCloud is multi-cloud library and an Apache top level project for Python developers than supports ProfitBricks, Rackspace, and other providers. The libraries include: LibCloud, a Python library using a unified API; Fog, a Ruby cloud services library; and jclouds, a Java language multi-cloud library. It is also releasing a Python SDK, for coding against its new REST API, which both abstracts and provides complete coverage for all API functions. 


Weiss, added: "It's important that our clients have the resources available to communicate and share strategies, not only does DevOps Central benefit ProfitBricks' users, but it directly contributes to the DevOps community and serves its mission to spread knowledge and continuously connect development and operations. It's imperative that this community continues to thrive, and ProfitBricks is joining the movement in a big way to ensure that cloud computing meets its full potential."


Through the integration of these languages and the enhancement of its rapidly-growing DevOps community, ProfitBricks continues to build a cohesive environment that promotes easy migration to the cloud. In line with its painless cloud infrastructure philosophy, these developer and operations infrastructure automation enhancements exemplify the cloud provider's dedication to making the transition to the cloud as easy as possible for both developers and operations professionals.



David Brown, Founder and CEO of TORO, said: "This type of transparency in cloud computing is making important resources easily accessible for a community that is rapidly progressing, there's no doubt in my mind that this will greatly benefit the DevOps community by giving DevOps pros a painless way to programmatically interact with the cloud."



The influence of the agile movement in software development processes and the impact that the cloud and its disposable infrastructure is changing the way software is developed, tested, deployed, and managed. DevOps is an important component, developing and implementing a DevOps culture, hope will be help to focus IT results and to save time and money as the gap between developers and IT operations teams. ProfitBricks recently announced the introduction of its multi-user access management and 2-factor authentication capability for a more robust cloud computing experience, arming users with improved IT governance and cloud management.


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