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Windows 10 Launched at Build

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DateThursday, April 30, 2015
AuthorLeonid Botnarenko

Windows 10 Launched at Build

 Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 as New Generation of Windows to Help Developers Build for a New Era of Devices


Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft, said: Windows 10 is the new generation of Windows built for the New Era of personal computers, which would open up a New Vista of internet user experience for people. Microsoft Corp (@Microsoft), has announced new features in Windows 10 and unveiled a set of software development kits (SDKs) to help developers bring their code for the Web, .NET, Win32, Android and iOS to Windows 10. At the company's annual Build developer conference, Microsoft also announced new Microsoft Azure data services for intelligent applications; Visual Studio and  NET tools and runtimes for Windows, Mac and Linux  and APIs that enable developers to build rich apps with Office 365.



Satya Nadella (pictured), CEO of Microsoftsaid: "Microsoft has bold ambitions for platforms that empower developers across Windows, Azure and Office, together, we will create more personal and more intelligent experiences that empower billions of people to achieve more, Windows 10 is a new generation of windows. It is built for new era of personal computers. It is built for variety of devices. It's also build with a foundation of trust. It's a very different windows in terms of how we deliver, how we keep it alive. It's one unified store."


Windows 10 offers unique scale and opens up new platform opportunities for developers Microsoft showcased several new features in Windows 10, from new capabilities to scale applications across devices to new ways for developers to build code for Windows 10. Microsoft welcomed all developers to the Universal Windows Platform by announcing four new software development toolkits that will make it easy to bring their code for the Web, .NET, Win32, iOS and Android to the Windows Store with minimal code modifications. This will enable developers to start with an existing code base such as Android or iOS, integrate with the Universal Windows Platform capabilities, and then distribute their new application through the Windows Store.


Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Executive VP, Operating Systems, commented: "We are talking about one platform, wherein a single app can run across all devices. Windows is the only echo system wherein you get to develop an app across all the systems. Windows 10, after it is launched would be free for upgrade. Within two-three years of Windows 10 release, there would be one billion devices running Windows 10. This would make Windows 10 much ahead of its other competitors from Apple and Google operating systems."


The company further detailed ways in which developers can create a single app that scales across all Windows 10 devices, automatically adapting to different screen sizes. With the Universal Windows Platform, developers can tailor their apps to the unique capabilities of each device, integrate Cortana and Xbox Live into their apps, offer trusted commerce, create holograms, and publish their apps into the Windows Store. Also as part of the Universal Windows Platform, the company shared how apps can scale using Continuum for phones, enabling people to use their phones like PCs for productivity or entertainment.



Satya Nadella, added: "In 40 years, a lot has changed, a lot of technologies have come and gone, but what has remained constant is that core that we are a developer company and a platform company first."


To help every developer be more productive, Microsoft announced new best-in-class tools and runtimes for multiple platforms and devices. In preview on Windows, Mac and Linux, Visual Studio Code is a free code-focused editor optimized for Web and cloud applications. Furthering its work with open source and .NET communities, Microsoft released a preview of the .NET Core for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Microsoft also released Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate, which makes it easier for developers to build and deploy applications to Windows, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.


The Microsofts CEO specifically explained the company saw a world well beyond its desktop roots and that it envisioned technology enabling development across programming languages on Microsoft's platforms. New features for Microsoft Edge, the new browser for Windows 10, were also unveiled, offering developers better discoverability of their apps and future extensibility with JavaScript and HTML. Microsoft "Edge" is the new web browser announced by the company for Windows 10, which its exponents claimed would give a new experience to millions of internet users.


To help developers manage massive datasets, Microsoft introduced Azure SQL Data Warehouse, the industry's first enterprise-class cloud data warehouse as a service that can grow, shrink and pause in seconds. Azure SQL Database provides nearly complete compatibility with the Microsoft SQL Server engine. The recent enhancements help to streamline SQL Server application migrations to SQL Database, and they help your system robustly process heavier database workloads.Azure and Visual Studio help developers build intelligent apps on multiple platforms and devices Microsoft previewed Azure SQL Database elastic database, which allow ISVs and software-as-a-service developers to pool capacity across thousands of databases, enabling them to benefit from efficient resource consumption and the best price and performance in the public cloud. 



Microsoft also announced Azure Data Lake, an open and massively scalable data repository that supports petabyte-size files and provides high-speed integration with Azure HDInsight, Azure Machine Learning, Cloudera and Hortonworks to quickly derive insights from vast amounts of data.

Microsoft introduced more ways for developers to reach 1.2 billion Office users, including the new Office Graph API, expanded add-in capabilities for the iPad and Outlook, and unified APIs. The Office Graph API allows customers and developers to access, add to and build with the Office Graph, an intelligent store of Office 365 user, service and relationship data. Unified APIs across OneNote, Outlook and OneDrive, combined with the Office Graph, will enable developers to help consumers and organizations take advantage of some of their most valuable and useful data.



Facing challenges from companies like Google and Apple, Nadella has  promised to take Microsoft to a new level by launching new products, adding more features to the existing products and making it available across all kinds of devices. He concluded: "We're going to want all developers exploit and take advantage of the platform. When we talk about empowering every person it starts with empowering every developer on the planet." 

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