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Linux Foundation's Digital Video

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DateMonday, October 05, 2015

Linux Foundation's Digital Video

Join Annie, Sam and String as they Navigate an Unimaginable World Without Linux  to Show How Pervasive Linux is Today



IrishDev_151005_Linux_Foundation_Amanda_McPherson.jpgThe nonprofit Linux Foundation has announced the immediate release of its digital video series, "A World Without Linux," a web series that flips this reality on its head to illustrate in an entertaining fashion just how pervasive Linux is today.



Starting today, viewers will be able to join characters Annie, Sam and String as they navigate this unimaginable world that puts a funny twist on the story of Linux and brings awareness to the fundamental ubiquity of this technology.



Linux is the world's largest collaborative project in the history of computing. It runs most of the world's technology infrastructure and is supported by more developers and companies than any other platform. It's literally everywhere - from phones to cars, the office, the home and more. It also powers the Internet, the cloud, the world's stock exchanges, supercomputers, embedded devices and more.



This fictitious world is such a preposterous notion that the scenarios depicted in the series help us understand how much Linux is a part of our everyday lives and allows us to thank the developers and companies who support the operating system.



The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development. Founded in 2000, the organization sponsors the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and promotes, protects and advances the Linux operating system and collaborative software development by marshaling the resources of its members and the open source community. The Linux Foundation provides a neutral forum for collaboration and education by hosting Collaborative Projects, Linux conferences, including LinuxCon and generating original research and content that advances the understanding of Linux and collaborative software development. More information can be found at


IrishDev_151005_Linux_Foundation_World_Without_Linux.pngTalking today at LinuxCon Europe and Embedded Linux Conference Europe, in Dublin, Amanda McPherson, chief marketing officer. She said; "Part of our mission at Linux Foundation is to promote Linux by raising awareness about how fundamental it has become to our everyday lives, along with supporting the Linux and open source community that makes this possible."



The Linux Foundation, which is dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, will also host a contest to find Linux-themed "Easter eggs" in select episodes, as well as clues leading to the final episode. Winners will receive #WorldWithoutLinux T-shirts, tattoos and pins.



The first episode addresses how a world without Linux would impact how we use the Internet and is live today at on The Linux Foundation's YouTube channel.


Upcoming episodes address what a world without Linux would mean to the way we navigate, connect and explore the world


McPherson concluded; "A world without Linux is quite difficult to imagine. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies who support Linux, we don't have to. Please join us in thanking this community by sharing these videos and bringing more awareness to their amazing work."



For more information about the contests and to keep up with the series, please follow the #WorldWithoutLinux Twitter hashtag or visit




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