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Realex Payments 12 Month Growth

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DateThursday, May 26, 2016

Realex Payments 12 Month Growth

eCommerce growth continues to accelerate at Realex Payments one year post acquisition by Global Payments


160526_IrishDev_Realex_Payments_Gary_Conroy.jpgRealex Payments, (@RealexPayments) the Dublin based payment provider, has announced significant growth, post one year acquisition by Global Payments, particularly in the UK.



The company says that since its acquistion it continues to innovate to meet changing payment demands, delivering a number of key UK milestones over the past 12 months including the appointment of Dave Wills who is responsible for driving revenue growth and managing the UK business. Wills has over 15 years of senior management experience at Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group, with particular expertise in merchant acquiring and commercial card issuing.



A two-year contract with allpay, a leading bill collections business which processes £1billion of annual payments, and a three-year contract with insurer Aviva as a customer in the UK, has seen the Realex processing €35billion payments as of April 2016, an increase of €7billion from €28billion as of April 2015.


Gary Conroy, Managing Director at Realex Payments, said; "The increase in transactions stems from our growing customer base. Over the past 12 months, we have added a significant number of new businesses to our expanding customer base."


Conroy added; "As our customers scale, and as online payments evolve, we continue to invest in product innovation that drives more consumers to buy online."



Realex says it has completely revamped its fraud engine, which they claim provides better transaction visibility and more control for their merchants. The Company also partnered with Cybersource to deliver an industry leading enterprise fraud solution, which applies over 260 separate fraud checks powered by intelligence extracted from 68 billion transactions processed every year through Visa Inc.



They also launched a one-stop online payments solution in conjunction with their parent Global Payments which is aimed at empowering UK customers to sell online, and also a whole suite of Software Development Kits and android & iOS mobile libraries, making it easy for developers to integrate Realex Payments into web and eCommerce sites.



Conroy said; "We showcased our mobile payment innovation at the first Realex FinAppsParty hackathon in London. Over 100 app developers across 29 teams created innovative eCommerce apps.

Working with the technology from event partners WooCommerce, Veridu, Post-Quantum, Estimote, and Amazon Web Services, the developers created everything from a cashless vending machine, to an app for tipping individual service staff, to an app that enabled seamless payments using facial verification - all using Realex's new mobile libraries to accept




Realex says is has also created 50 jobs in Ireland and the UK, scaling the team to accelerate growth including growing product development teams.




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