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Done Deal!!

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DateTuesday, February 03, 2009

keepITsafe, Ireland's largest online backup provider have signed a deal with Vision Business Technology, an IT solutions provider, to roll out their online backup solution to their customer base, under the umbrella of their recently launched partner programme.



As part of the partner programme Vision Business Technology will offer their customers a fully managed, fully monitored, online backup solution.

Commenting on the deal Alan Clarke, Sales Director, vbt stated "Online backup is the way forward in safeguarding businesses from data loss. We have found over the last number of years that common backup mistakes are happening more frequently with tape backups. As a reseller we can also avail of 24/7 technical support and the security in knowing that our customers data is safe in multiple vaulted datacentres with the latest technology"

Vision Business Technology were introduced to keepITsafe a number of months ago and at that time installed the software in a number of beta sites. As recovery management is a fast-growing area of interest for IT and business professionals, companies such as vbt, can take advantage of benefits designed to help implement, support and profit from online backup. "Online backup is not only a powerful product to ensure data protection but it can also power a company's profit potential", stated Darragh Canavan, Business Development Manager, keepITsafe. (pictured right)

 "The main benefit for the team at vbt is that we have the solution that will enable us to decrease operation costs and optimize IT resources. We can also eliminate the risk of data loss for our customers with an efficient and reliable solution" continued Alan.



vbt can now offer their customers a cost effective turn-key online backup solution. It also allows the company to concentrate on gaining more market share and growing other areas of their business.

keepITsafe Eoin Blackrock, Jonathan Crowe and Darragh Canavan
"When times are tougher, IT companies need to think of additional ways to generate sales. Online backup, as a full solution, has allowed us to increase sales and create a pipeline of sales over the coming 2 years", continued Alan.

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