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CPM Toolkit Beta for Java Developer

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DateWednesday, March 04, 2009


DeCare Systems Ireland (DSI), a software development and internet solutions provider, has announced a beta program for its new CPM Toolkit 1.2 product, a performance management solution used for managing and measuring application performance during the development lifecycle.

DeCare Systems New CPM Toolkit


DSI's CPM Toolkit introduces Continuous Performance Management (CPM) into a Continuous Integration environment to identify and capture costly performance issues early in the development phase of Java projects.



CPM best practices are essential to delivering high-performing Java application code to production. The right CPM solution will measure and manage performance patterns and interpret the impact of code changes against deviations in the application's performance behaviour.



The CPM Toolkit automates the collection of performance data from JProbe's© powerful analysis engine, generates benchmarks on which to baseline an application's performance and notifies users on performance deviations. Organisations that currently use Quest Software's JProbe product will benefit greatly from this beta program.


Key features of CPM Toolkit 1.2 beta include


  • CPM-at-a-glance Dashboards - Graphical dashboards help you summarize project performance metrics and provide project managers with easy to interpret performance information that aids the decision making process.

  • Alert Notification - A built-in notification facility that alerts development team members to potential performance problems which enable developers and architects to deal with the performance issues early in the development phase, rather than in production.

  • Role-based Functionality - A role-based user access model helps you manage multiple concurrent development projects. The product has a rich AJAX user interface, which provides access to the relevant project statistics displayed in graphical and table format.

  • Search - The search facility helps retrieve historical build data allowing you to search between projects, modules and timeframes to capture different data views

  • Compatible with JProbe 7.0.x and JProbe 8.0.x.

The beta program is open to organisations that are currently engaged in Java development and want to improve the quality of their software projects while reducing software development costs.



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