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Microsoft Launch Dublin Data Centre

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DateThursday, September 24, 2009

Microsoft Launch Dublin Data Centre

Microsoft Will Launch Their Latest Data Centre in Dublin to Service Azure Cloud For European Market



MICROSOFT-Stephen-McGibbon.pngMicrosoft is committed to cloud services That was the message from their regional technology kingpin for Western Europe, Stephen McGibbon, as he was talking at the Cloud Summit in Dublin yesterday.



McGibbon said that Microsoft has been working on the Azure programme for the last five years, and the products such as Live, .NET, SQL, Sharepoint and Dynamics were now coming on line and widely available for use. McGibbon also highlighted that a lot of work had been accomplished around the area of interoperability. He announced the launch of a new data centre located in Dublin to serve its Azure customers and said this was testimony to the importance the company attached to the Cloud. 



Although the precise location of the centre is a closely kept secret, questioned Mr McGibbon about the number of data centres that Microsoft operate globally. In reply McGibbon said "The number of data centres is not something that Microsoft wishes to release to public domain, however what I can say is that it is more than ten but less than one hundred!" 



McGibbon, who delivered a compelling performance in front of 200 open source developers at last year's Irish Open Source Technology Conference, went on to say that whilst like Google it has multiple server farms situated in various locations, a feature of Azure was that its customers could choose to pin its data in a specific locale and this would be invaluable when it came to the compliance of data protection laws.



The issue of data protection had arisen earlier when Joe Drumgoole of Dublin start-up Cloudsplit had commented to Attila Narin, Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect for Europe about latency between its two sole US and Dublin data centres. The same question to Eoghan Nolan, Software Engineering Manager, Google Ireland about the location of its services and how it dealt with the delivery of a clients services revealed that Googles cloud effectively moved its clients to where-ever the flow of traffic was originating. Drumgoole was quick to point out the this caused serious issues when it came to data protection, as most European laws state that the customer data cannot be stored outside of the jurisdiction.



Cloudmore, formerly SmartHost has recently established an Irish reseller programme for its white label services, including a suite of products like Microsoft Exchange 2007, Sharepoint WSS 3.0 and Microsoft CRM 4.0.




More to follow...



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