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Drivers Relax with Dublin CoCo

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DateMonday, October 05, 2009

Drivers Relax with Dublin CoCo

South Dublin County Council Uses SMS Technology from Saadian to Provide Journey Times for Dublin drivers



SAADIAN-Traffic-Jam.pngSouth Dublin County Council has launched a SMS (texting) and web service which aims to provide estimated journey times based on traffic conditions and jams.



Using specialist technology from Dublin company Saadian, the application works in conjunction with the Traffic Management Centre for South Dublin and gives journey times for N4, N7, N81, Belgard Road, Fonthill Road and the outer ring road. The public can use this service by simply texting the road name and direction, eg "N4 East" or "N7West", to 51678 - a text costs 15 cent. The same data can be checked by logging onto the website at



John Kavanagh from Traffic Management Centre with South Dublin County Council explains, "It is live and interactive as traffic calculations are taken every five minutes so it takes into account rush hour traffic times and whether the traffic is light or heavy at a particular time or location. It works by measuring traffic volumes between two points and capturing all relevant data so an accurate journey time can be provided. We are hoping to expand the service later on so it takes into account road works, traffic accidents and road conditions such as ice and closures."



Cliodhna McGuirk, Managing Director, Saadian Technologies highlights the benefits to business however stresses that drivers should send their texts before setting out on their journeys. "Whether it is business people travelling to meetings or parents doing the school run this service is an added benefit to the public if they can avoid traffic delays before they begin their journey. "



John Kavanagh comments, "We do reiterate though that the public should not text while driving and would like to remind drivers of the dangers involved."




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