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Lenihan Backs Telcos in Barcelona

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DateTuesday, February 16, 2010
AuthorS K

Lenihan Backs Telcos in Barcelona

Science Minister Points Out That SMS Software Was Developed By An Irish Company



Science Minister Conor Lenihan used tobe a telecoms executive.png.pngIreland's Minister for Science,Technology & Innovation, Conor Lenihan is in Barcelona this week helping to showcase the abilities of the Irish telecoms sector at the Mobile World Congress 2010.



The Minister highlighted the success of the rapidly expanding  Irish-owned mobile telecoms sector, which has notched up treble-digit annual export increases in recent years and said we should be proud of the fact that the software behind  texting  was developed by an Irish company.



Ireland now boasts more than 70 mobile and wireless technology companies, many of which have won substantial deals with tier-one global operators. Last year the Irish-owned telecoms sector achieved international sales of €260 million, representing a doubling of export growth in five years.



Ireland's mobile communications companies continue to grow strongly and  are focused on increasing their reach through partnerships with leading operators, distributors and subsidiaries.



As telecommunications is one of Ireland's major high tech success stories in overseas markets, and Mobile World Congress 2010 is the world's premier event for the mobile communications industry, it provides Lenehan with a great opportunity to promote Irish enterprise as a source of world-class products, services and technologies. It's also a forum to develop relationships and demonstrate strong Irish government support for the telecoms sector.


Minister Lenihan said: "Ireland is recognised as a centre of excellence for the development of new and innovative telecoms technologies and the strong Irish presence at this Congress in Barcelona underlines Ireland's growing international reputation as a key source of innovative and groundbreaking solutions in mobile communications.



ROUNDUP330.pngMinister Lenihan, who  was  formerly a Senior Executive with a leading telecommunications company, said he hoped his presence at the show would help  Irish companies exhibiting at the show to promote their products and penetrate new markets with  leading players in the  business.



The Irish pavilion at the Congress has been organised by Enterprise Ireland. It hosts 16 Irish companies and is supporting five more that are visiting the show.



Ireland's Telecommunications sector is made up of high value added, knowledge-intensive companies that are investing heavily in R&D. It  boasts  excellent core technology, a highly skilled workforce, strong managerial skills, an impressive multinational base and a good digital infrastructure intointernational markets, said Lenihan.



This year's participants at the Irish Pavilion are at the forefront of their industry sectors in areas such as revenue generation, billing, mediation, operational support systems, personalisation, CRM and added value services.



Irish companies at Mobile World Congress 2010 are:


Anam Mobile (platforms and solutions for 2G, 2.5G and 3G operators)


Aran Tech (CEM software for mobiles)


Cibenix (client server solutions for mobiles)


Dial2Do (phone services for hands-free driving)


Digital Reach Group (platform to mobile advertising and publishing);


i-ConX (interconnect billing and reconciliation software)


i-Traffic (cellular and GPS traffic information)


Jivo (ipod and iphone accessories)


NewBay Software (digital lifestyle solutions)


Nowcasting International (mobile and web marine weather forecasting)


Redmere (high speed communications chips)


Sentry Wireless(mobile information security)


Tango Telecom (advanced voice, SMS and data services)


The Now Factory (telecoms data collection hardware andsoftware)


Yougetitback (mobile anti-theft)


Zapa Technology (contactless mobile payments)




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