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Centaur Outsources To IT Focus

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DateMonday, March 22, 2010
AuthorS K

Centaur Outsources To IT Focus

Virtualisation Puts Fund Management Start-Up Ahead of the Technology Curve



Karen Malone,Managing Director,Centaur,Neil Stone-Wigg, Chief Technology Officer,ITFocus, Eric Bertrand, Director,Centaur and Edel Creely,Managing Director,IT Focus

A Dublin Fund Management start-up has spent €150,000 on creating  a fully Virtualised IT infrastructure and Disaster Recovery solution which has put it ahead of the game technically and poised for growth.



"Starting a new Company with a clean sheet of paper gave us the opportunity to ensure we had the most up to-date technology infrastructure in place to support our business now and in the future", explains Karen Malone, Managing Director of Centaur Fund Services Limited (Pictured on  left).



Centaur was founded by Karen Malone, Ronan Daly and Eric Bertrand(Pictured on  right) in September 2009 to provide a professional fund administration service to hedge fund managers and their investors.

"We placed a lot of emphasis on ensuring we had the right technology resources to advise, implement and support our business plans," says Malone.


"Given the importance of client service in our business, we chose IT Focus as our outsourced solution provider as we found them to be very client focussed, responsive and professional in our dealings with them. It made sense to outsource this to a Company who understood our industry and who would provide us with a broad range of skills," said Malone.


Centaur implemented a state of the art IT infrastructure  to ensure high availability, and a disaster recovery solution which eliminates the risk of outages, and so  reduces overall risk to the business.


IT Focus worked very closely with Centaur to establish a strategic IT plan, which allowed for increased efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness whilst meeting the business needs.



IT Focus installed the infrastructure on a complete virtualisation model using VMWare and VMware View by implementing ten virtualised servers on a fully redundant platform, as well as implementing virtualised desktops running on HP thin clients.



IT Focus also worked with Centaur to integrate its recovery infrastructure into the company's high connectivity network to its hot site using technology from ResQ, VMWare, HP, Kaseya EndPoint Security and Microsoft.



This provides the infrastructure to allow online replication for Centaur's email, servers and applications by mirroring them to a hot site location based off site which, each night, provides an incremental back up for the system state of the remaining servers and rebuilds an updated image of same in the hot site.



The implementation of the infrastructure also included the successful integration of the core business applications (SunGard Investone Enterprise for Fund Accounting and HWM Mantra for Investor Services).



"The real time, online replication of our data allows us to respond quickly and to access our network remotely. If our primary servers were to go down, we have the security of knowing that switching to our disaster recovery environment will allow users and clients experience minimum disruption times", says Malone.


"We can move forward with confidence knowing that we have a solid IT infrastructure in place, which is maintained and supported by the experienced staff of IT Focus. It is also cost effective in the long-run, which means we can effectively manage the growth of our business" concludes Malone.




"The implementation of VMWare View, desktop virtualisation, is highly innovative and is at the forefront of the technology curve", explains Neil Stone-Wigg, IT Focus Chief Technology Officer (Pictured on left). "It places Centaur in an enviable position where they can now embrace the full benefits and reduced total cost of ownership from this solution".



The next phase for Centaur is straightforward as they grow their business as they can simply utilise the technology they have invested in to seamlessly support many more users with no associated growth pains.


The company currently employs 10 staff at its Dublin offices  and plans to grow  on a selective basis over coming years.


The three founders have successfully managed fund administration businesses handling a wide variety of fund structures and strategies in offices across different jurisdictions. They have experience in understanding their clients need for accuracy, responsiveness and speed of delivery.



Pictured from left to right: Karen Malone, Managing Director, Centaur,. Neil Stone-Wigg, Chief Technology Officer , IT Focus, Eric Bertrand, Director, Centaur and Edel Creely, Managing Director, IT Focus




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