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The Irish Software Developers Network (aka began its life 20 years ago in the University of Limerick (UL). Known as the 'Digerati User Group' computer science under-grads, John Brennan and Kieran Lynam, brought their peers together to discuss software technology, mostly Visual Basic 5/6 and Sql. In 2003, Digerati was rebranded as the Irish Software Developers Network, as part of a developer adoption campaign launched by Edelman PR on behalf of Microsoft Ireland. Education was (and still is) the cornerstone of - we became a founding member of the Microsoft Technology User Group, organising and promoting regular tech evenings - this was at a time that .NET had been launched - giving local developers a platform to showcase their work. We also published the stories of local tech businesses alongside technology articles. With the Microsoft campaign ended, was acquired independently in 2005 to build upon the community work started by Fergal Breen whilst he worked at Edelman, alongside Barry Alistair who is still here to this day. We built the first ‘technology only’ jobs portal in Ireland, and at the worked tirelessly to promote the superb talent that was being developed in the Irish Universities, showcasing work of computer science students and presenting the Irish software industry at events such as the Education Show and Tipperary Institute’s highly successful Robocode event (now known as Games Fleadh), In 2007, we launched both the Irish Microsoft Technology Conference and the Irish Java Technology Conferences which aimed to bring international evangelists to Ireland to share their knowledge with our members. Over the last 20 years, has held specialist events for thousands of developers from across Ireland, and we’re immensely proud to have had the opportunity to serve our members and to be highly-valued by the Irish software community. Of course, the Irish tech scene has changed considerably over the last two decades. Our consistent drive of spreading the highly skilled Irish software industry far and wide has, in part, encouraged many multinationals settling their European Hubs in Ireland, evolving a knowledge rich and diverse workforce. We now look to the next 20 years, and we hope you’ll be here with us!

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