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IxTC Series

The Irish ‘x’ Technology Conference Series, a range of multi-day, multi-track events, was formulated late last year. Up until we launched the Series, if you wanted to attend conference of this magnitude, it meant having to spend large amounts of money jumping on planes to go abroad and spend valuable days out of the office. To the jet- setting software developers amongst you, this could well have be quite appealing, but for the majority of developers it proved just far too expensive and far too time consuming, and was a barrier to learning and meeting industry figures and fellow software professionals. We felt it was time to create meaningful flagship event s for you to participate in Ireland and to do our bit to position the Irish software industry front of a global stage. Our series of conferences in 2008 have covered Web, Microsoft, Open Source and Java technologies. Along with some of Ireland’s technology user groups, we have brought over 200 internationally recognised technology speakers to present to Irish audiences, and have had in excess of 1100 developers attend the events. In 2009, our conferences will include:
  • Irish Web Technologies Conference
  • Irish Microsoft Technologies Conference
  • Irish Open Source Technologies Conference (2008 event website here)
  • Irish Java Technologies Conference
Did you know that you can receive a complimentary invite worth €289.00 to an IxTC of your choice absolutely ‘FREE’ when you join the Irish Software Developers Network today for just €229.00 – that’s Elite Value!

Education for Everyone

The Irish Technology Conferences have tracks for experienced developers and a foundation track for students, young developers and people who are looking for an overview of technology.
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