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Time11:11:00 Phone
DateTuesday, May 11, 2021 Web
VenueOnline Email

Double Session: Dataflows & Performance Tips!


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TWO SESSIONS! Please note two Abstracts & Bios

Abstract 1 of 2

Title: 10 Performance tips to speed up your Power BI reports

Speaker: Lou Segers

Arriving at work and the first thing you do is opening your Power BI report and going for a coffee while waiting for the report to render. Seems familiar?

Well, it shouldn’t. Your reports should render instantly, especially if there is a large or C-level audience consulting them on a regular basis.

Luckily enough there are some tips and tricks to melt your frustrations like snow in the sun

Abstract 2 of 2

Title: Power BI dataflows? Why you need to implement it!

Speaker: Benni De Jagere

Not so long ago, Power BI Dataflows have been added to the Power BI landscape. It is showing great promise, as they have the potential of becoming key in every (large) implementation of a Power BI or Hybrid BI Architecture.

During this session, the core concepts of Power BI Dataflows will be explained, and we'll discuss how Power BI Dataflows could alleviate some of the specific problems you might be experiencing in your current architecture.

How this feature ties into some other cool concepts, like Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 or the Common Data Model, obviously can't be missing from this speech.

Expect to walk out of this session with a decent grasp on the underlying architecture, and some key takeaways to take home with you.

Speaker Bios

Bio 1: Lou Segers

Lou Segers is a Data Analytics consultant at Lytix with a strong emphasis on the Microsoft BI stack.

He loves to interact with anyone breathing data.

Some say good health is true wealth. A sweaty run or a satisfying gym session are among Lou’s favorite energy drainers.

Come have a chat with me or simply connect @

All aboard the data train, CHOO CHOO

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