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DubJUG - Java Runtimes with jlink

Time18:42:29 Phone
DateThursday, September 30, 2021




The Dublin Java User Group

(respected by Java Champions the world over since 2007)




Java Runtimes with jlink


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Join Java Champion, Bruno Borges as he visits the Oracle Dublin Java User Group in September! Bruno will explain why Microsoft acknowledges and supports the adoption of custom Java runtimes crafted for specific application 'needs' rather the use of general purpose Java runtimes.


This method of Java deployment ensures the Java runtime only contains the parts of the Java platform that are truly needed by applications, therefore increasing security, reducing deployment size, and enhancing performance, for both Cloud and server based Java applications as well as desktop/GUI applications....


This webinar will take the form of a Q&A and some demons - read the full Bruno article and book your webinar seat here.


About Bruno

Java Champion Bruno Borges is a Canadian based Brazilian. He is the Principal Product Manager for Java at Microsoft. Previously Oracle, and Azure DevRel team.

Find him on Twitter @BrunoBorges


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Information & Registration

DATE & TIME: 30th September 2021 / 19:00

VENUE: Online



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